10 Online Games That Focus On Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is a process of learning from real-life experiences where students practice “learning by doing.” As we go deep into it, we find that it’s an ancient but very effective learning process that connects the kid with the real-life world. When a kid learns from his own experiences, the learning that is considered “experiential” contains all the elements like reflection, critical analysis, and synthesis. 

At the same time, it also offers opportunities for students to take the initiative, make decisions, and be accountable for the results. At the same time, empowering students to engage intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially, or physically.

Furthermore, a lot of tools like quotes, activities, books, etc. motivate the student to learn through experiential learning, the use of gamification too comes in handy in the case of budding learners. Hence, in this blog, we will talk about the various experiential learning games and how they help these kids.

Fun and engaging experiential learning online games

Despite many differences between experiential learning and traditional learning, almost all turn their eye towards the non-traditional approach. Hence, here are a few experiential learning games for the younger ones:

1. Kid Heroes Theme 

Kid Heroes Theme 

As the name suggests, the motive behind the game is to determine the theme after reading the story. The game allows the kids to use teamwork and climb the ladder of difficulty. If they pick the theme correctly, a chance of putting their hero on the battlefield presents itself. 

How to play Kid Heroes Theme 

  • To begin the game, click the play button
  • Read the story carefully and decode the theme
  • There are three options for you to select 
  • Once you have the correct answer, launch your hero on the battlefield and move to the next question. 

The game enhances the child’s understanding of important life lessons while also helping them identify and comprehend the theme of the game. 

2. Matching Game

Matching Game

Matching games help to develop English proficiency, concentration, and memory. Learning disabilities and working memory have been linked in studies. To learn new words, we must recall each sound segment, put them together, and remember how they appear for future usage. Players need to remember words at different places in order to play the game. In this game, the child needs to pick the antonyms and click on the boxes to find words with opposite meanings.

How to play an Antonym Matching Game?

  • Click Go and begin the game
  • Click on the box and find its antonym 
  • Once you are done, you will get a chance to select the next colored hurdle. 

We know matching games improve language, concentration, and memory. So, to learn new words, we have to put them together to remember what they look like for future use. This allows you to enhance their life skills and, in turn, learn what antonyms are. 

3. Choose Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Choose Countable and Uncountable Nouns

Countable nouns are those that you can count. You can rely on games to clear such concepts, as they will allow the children to learn and experience fun. The game allows the child to test their knowledge of nouns by picking the answer correctly. 

How to Choose Countable and Uncountable Nouns?

  • Read the instructions mentioned on the screen carefully and click Ok to get going.
  • Select the level of difficulty you deem suitable.
  • Read the statement carefully and select the answer that has the action word.
  • Once you have the correct answer, you will allow the boy to climb the stairs. 
  • Collect your powers and climb the ladder of difficulty. 

Nouns have multiple variations and to help kids understand that. This game will allow the child to figure the basic difference between the two and learn with fun.  

4. Circus ABC

Circus ABC

Circus ABC is a game suitable for kids between the age of 1-3 years. You need to ask the child to choose a letter and find the animal whose name begins with the same letter. You can play the Circus ABC game online on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. The game allows the child to learn the alphabet and select the thing that starts with the initial.  

How to play Circus ABC.

  • Click the play button to start the game.
  • Select any alphabet and ask the child to select the animal or thing that begins with the initial. 
  • You could take another strike if the answer the child selected was wrong. 

Preschoolers and kids are always reluctant to learn and thus the game allows the child to understand the basic concepts while making them inquisitive to learn better. 

5. More or Less

More or Less

The game will put you under the ultimate test of how well you know your numbers. It will test your counting and number skills and much more. You will be asked to click on the group with the most or least objects. Pay attention to the top left of the screen to find out which group to click on! 

How to play More or Less?

  • Begin the game by clicking start 
  • Follow the instructions and select the correct option.
  • Pay attention to whether you need to select the most populated or the least populated box.
  • Answer the question correctly and climb to the highest level. 

Your counting and number skills will be put to the test in this free math game allowing the child to enhance their learning curve. 

6. Maths Choppity Chop

 Maths Choppity Chop

Math choppity chop is the ultimate math pack for a child to teach them every concept from numbers to fractions. The finest thing about the game is that the child experiences the best of fun with high-on information. 

How to play Maths Choppity Chop? 

  • Click the start button and wait for the game to load.
  • Press play and select the math skill you want to practice. 
  • Select the level of difficulty and press play again.
  • Once you answer the questions correctly, you will get a chance to chop the fruits. 

Fractions are essential not just to pass the tests but also in multiple life lessons thus we don’t need to teach kids the concept in a way better than books. 

7. Holiday Math Lights

Holiday Math Lights

It’s time to hang the holiday lights! But hold on! You need to complete as many arithmetic questions as you can in a minute with the correct answers before you can hang the Christmas lights. You can work on your multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction facts. You will receive more lights to decorate your home the more arithmetic problems you correctly solve.

How to play Holiday Math Lights? 

  • The game helps the child understand math basics- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division along with the level of difficulty.
  • You need to select the level and answer the question. 
  • Once you are done answering, seek results and move to the next level. 

The benefit of the game is that it offers the child a fully packed option where they can learn math concepts under one bracket of the game.

8. Dress Up Sale

Dress Up Sale

Dress-up games are a hit not just among girls but even boys; thus, including such while teaching kids challenging concepts can be a cherry on the top. Practice solving math problems for a chance to play stylist; isn’t it what we want? So, choose the level you want to practice, and then dress up the girl by solving multiplication problems. It’s a fun, fashion-forward math game.

How to play Dress up sale?

  • Read the instructions on the screen carefully and click “Play.”
  • Check the goal price and then check the price tag of the outfits.
  • Once you form a combo that fits your goal, move to the next level. 

The game allows the child to understand difficult concepts while doing one of most kids’ favorite activities. This game provides the child a budget and allows them to select the clothes under it. Now the child learns budgeting as well as basics of addition and subtraction. 

9. George’s Busy Day

George’s Busy Day

As children grow older and enter school, the value of learning through play grows. Curious George’s busy day game teaches a child how to spot the number, the number name, and the animals to count. 

How to play Busy Day?

  • To begin the game, click the play button.
  • Find the numerical, its wordy form, and the animal.
  • Once you are done with 1, move to 2, and so on.

Games such as spotting games foster their imaginations, strengthen their listening abilities, and build essential cognitive skills that will benefit their future development through games and play. 

10. Christmas Word Game

Christmas Word Game

Christmas word finder is a game where a child gets the opportunity to check and comprehend the words mentioned. When you find answers to all your questions, the level of difficulty will increase. So hop on for the learning ride.

How to play Christmas words?

  • The game has multiple levels of difficulty, so select the level you find convenient to start with.
  • Start the game and find the words mentioned on the side. 
  • Once done, hop on to the next level. 

This game will allow the child puzzles to help people improve their memory, planning skills, and problem-solving aptitude. Children retain the ability to identify shapes, colors, and positions, along with problem-solving techniques, while completing a puzzle.


Games are a part of our lives and we do all these activities on a daily basis. So, concentrate on the learning outcomes your child can obtain from the activity he engages in. Connect his experiences to his education and allow the child to learn more quickly from his or her experiences.  

So no matter who you are, whether you’re a teacher, student, or something completely different, experiential learning can be extremely valuable. It encourages the idea that learning is a lifelong process and that you don’t have to stick to traditional learning methods in order to develop personally or professionally. So, include the games in your child’s learning lessons and help them flourish.

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