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Why do I need to learn estimating division? My answer is – to pick the most realistic and reasonable answer from the options provided. Often we come across multiple-choice questions where different options are provided. By those questions, the examiner just wants to evaluate your estimation skills. In real-life instances too, the estimation proves to be a dependable skill for making correct choices among the options provided. That is why I suggest making the best use of the learning phase or school phase and do as many worksheets for estimating division as possible.

Types of division based problems possible to solve with estimation

Division involving whole numbers is the easiest to estimate and done the most often. Other types of problems one can solve by estimating are:

  • Estimation of the division of decimals: Rounding off the decimal numbers to the nearest whole numbers and then doing division mentally can give you the approximate quotient closest to the correct answer
  • Finding the most approximate remainder: When two whole numbers are divided, one can do the mental math to find the remainder if the number is not completely divisible
  • Confirming correctness of quotient by multiplication method: It is also one of the methods where divisor and quotient are multiplied to find if the process of division is done correctly. The product equals the dividend, which shows that division is done correctly.
  • Problems involving division of fractions: Quotients less than one can be estimated using division involving fractions. Mostly, fractions are telling about the relationship between the part and the whole. So, estimating fraction can help find the approximate value of a quantity, height, volume, etc.

How learning estimation of division helps in daily life?

Division means breaking any quantity into equal parts. Estimating promotes computation of probabilistic prospects that adds to the skill of accurate measuring and helps ascertain its reasonability (Tversky & Kahneman, 1993). Also, this math skill has got many real-life uses. Practically, it is not possible to carry a calculator all the time and find quotients; it is where the estimation steps in and provides support in the following ways:

  • Helps student cross-check the reasonability of answer selected
  • Helps architects find the approximate height of the floors of a building
  • Helps in finding the approximate quantities to be distributed among a group
  • Helps in finding the approximate number of days and find reasonable values like work done per hour, part of the project completed per day, etc. to decide the remuneration of workers.

Thus, estimating is a practical intelligence that anyone requires right from childhood to adult life. If you are looking for some more practice materials, refer to the worksheets for the estimating division enlisted below. These worksheets cover various aspects of attaining proficiency in finding estimated quotients, remainders. You can download free printable pdf version from the links given.

Why use division estimation worksheets?

Division is a basic skill to be learned after having mastered the other operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc. While division manipulatives teach the dividing activity the practical way, worksheets help strengthen conceptual learning. The worksheets for estimating division are helpful in learning:

  • Single, double, and triple-digit divisions closest to the round figure
  • Rounding to the nearest ten
  • Rounding any figure to the closest fraction
  • Rounding decimals to two places or three places to nearest whole number quotients

How to make estimation division problems worksheets interesting?

Worksheets for division estimation are proven materials for practice, agreed! However, the very purpose of the worksheets will be defeated if students find them burdensome. So, it is better to adopt some teaching strategies to enhance the impact of worksheets. A few must-try strategies are:

  • Choose worksheet challenge according to the grade: Teachers can select worksheets grade-wise. Worksheets for 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, and others are the common classifications you can find for the purpose. This collection is designed to ensure that the challenges of the worksheet are at par with the proficiency attained. Too easy or too tough a challenge can drift the students from practicing on worksheets.
  • Give a demonstration to solve worksheets: Showing how to solve worksheets makes it easy for the students to learn the concept better. They develop a sense of comfort and become more confident in solving them.
  • Give challenge of solving worksheets the fastest: A sense of competition introduces a fun element into the solving process, and engages learners deeply.

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