Free Printable math worksheets for dyscalculia [PDF]

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Adapting a new learning and practicing well are the prime strategies one should focus on overcoming learning disability, such as dyscalculia. Intervention focused learning programs prepared by special educators plays a pivotal role as well. Usually this involves several activities to practice. Making topic more interactive is one of them.

Practicing through worksheets is a good start. Teachers must prepare dyscalculia focused worksheets for students to practice. If possible, a separate class period for discussing worksheets must be provided.

Kids should be encouraged to solve it by themselves or with the limited help of parents. Also, its important that they should not take it as an extra homework burden. Students must not be forced at all but told of benefits of practicing it. Further, teachers can twist the rules of solving worksheets and make it fun to solve, so that students think of it as play activity rather than a class work.

Keeping this in mind, also made some of practice math worksheets for dyscalculia. These worksheets focus on improving the skills that dyscalculic students struggles the most. Worksheets, are however may or may not match up to the school curriculum.

We are focusing three areas of diffciulty that most dyscalculic students face. These are: Number Alignment, Understanding Fractions and Directional Difficulty. We’ve made a worksheet for practicing each skill. You can also download the free printable pdf version of the worksheets below the images.

1. First worksheet is ‘Trace The Number’. This activity helps kids learn numbers using multisensory skills. Students have to draw and trace the numbers given in the sheet. They must have to keep the pen, pencil or crayon within the grid limit. Teachers can prepare similar other designs with wider grid for practice.

free printable dyscalculia worksheets pdf trace the number

2. Second worksheet is the ‘Color The Fraction’. The activity is provided with shapes and fraction numbers. Students have to color the portion of the shapes as given in the fraction. Where shapes are already colored, students must write the fraction in the blank. Design similar nmore designs for more practice.

free printable dyscalculia worksheets pdf  color the fraction

3. The third worksheet activity helps kids practice directional skills. Students must find all the route from the star to the goal. As they search, draw the route and write the instructions to reach through the route in the given space. Start can’t pass through the obstacles. Students can practice left, right, east, west, north and south directions through this worksheet.

free printable dyscalculia worksheets pdf which way

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