Free Printable polygons colored charts for classroom [PDF]

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We all know the importance of geometry in our maths curriculum. But the scope geometry is much more than just a math ‘topic’. And not just in math, it plays a crucial role in constructing chemical bonds as well.

Early adaptation of geometry through various ways is important as it familiarize us to much more complicated design learning later in future. The whole construction process sits on the ability of one’s expertise in geometry.

Geometry topics in early school generally sticks to shapes and solids. With these basic concepts, Student’s mind is triggered to develop visual, descriptive, logical and applied skills. Hence, it is obvious why practicing geomtery on regular basis is really important.

In geometry, polygon is a 2D closed shape figure with finite number of straight lines. A polygon is named after how many sides it has, such as polygon with three sides is called Triangle, wth 5 sides is called Pentagon, and etc.

One important thing that we always advocate is to give repetitive experience of the fundamental concepts of a topic right in the beginning. Similar practice is required for polygons. As when the topic is initially introduced to the students, the impression is stronger if the topic is discussed in a routine with special strategy for those struggling severely.

Charts do the same thing to an extent. Charts and diagrams in the classroom enable students to see concepts visually laid out in an organized way. Students process the charts content pretty well and easily make connections with the topic.

Keeping this in mind, Number Dyslexia team have made polygon (names/classification and attributes) charts for classroom. Kids learning geometry can download the free printable of these polygons charts and its pdf version below.

1. Polygon types/Name/Classification chart

This chart shows various types of polygons with their names. We took the polygons with the side 3 to 10, as these are mostly used. Please note that polygons in this chart are of regular type. You can download the printable pdf version of this chart just below the image.

free printable polygons names classficiation types chart for classroom

2. Polygons Attributes Chart

This chart includes attributes of the polygons we showed in above chart. Attributes included in this chart are, Number of sides, Polygon Angle, Number of vertices, Number of Diagonals.

As polygons with different number of sides have different attributes, it is better to learn the actual formula of finding the specific attribute which is also included in this chart. You can download the printable pdf version of this chart just below the image.

free printable polygons attribute chart pdf

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