Free Printable Sight word learning Charts [PDF]

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Sight words are the high-frequency words that do not require any decoding; readers don’t even realize these words while going through a sentence. These do the job of gluing different parts of the sentence together. Since these are to be memorized by sight and are quick to learn, regular practice can help early learners grasp these words easily. The charts, worksheets, manipulatives, etc. offer assistance in teaching these words and ease the learning woes of the students as well.

Sight word charts are deeply engaging teaching materials you can locate on the walls of a classroom or a kids’ room. Quicker to access than books, the charts are loved for the faster and more profound impact these create in the minds of toddlers or early learners. One can increase the complexity and enrichment of the collection of words in a sight word chart as the learning of a child progresses.

Keeping this in mind, We made some sight word weekly learning charts for you. It also includes the activities to perform every day for building strong foundation of these sight words in kids. You can also download the free printable pdf version from the download button below each image. There are 4 rounds of sight words so that the activity does not get monotonous while performing.

Free Printable Sight Word Weekly Learning Chart with Activities-1 [PDF]

Activities For Sight Word Charts – 1

  • Monday : Teachers can make word scramble, including the sight words given and ask students to find those.
  • Tuesday : Prepare a sentence with the given sight word as the focus. For example; ‘I must go there’.
  • Wednesday : Ask students to collectively chant the spelling of the sight word given.
  • Thursday : Prepare a short story with the given sight word as the focus. Teachers can obviously help in completing the task.
  • Friday : Teachers can jumble the words in a sentence or letters in the word and ask students to rearrange it correctly.
  • Saturday : Ask a student to act out the word or draw it on board and other students will guess the word.
  • Sunday : Trigger multisensory learning by asking the students to trace the given sight word on the sand with sticks or fingers.
Free Printable Sight Word Weekly Learning Chart with Activities-2 [PDF]

Activities For Sight Word Charts – 2

  • Monday : Use the two words given in each round and play 2 player tic-tac-toe.
  • Tuesday : Connect dots to draw the complete word.
  • Wednesday : Write the word on board with some missing letters and ask students to find it to make the correct word.
  • Thursday : Find the rhyming words of the respective sight words and chant its spellings.
  • Friday : Use play-dough to make the given sight word. Ask kids to say the letter while making it.
  • Saturday : Trigger multisensory learning by asking the students to trace the given sight word on the paper with crayons.
  • Sunday : Write sight words on flashcards and make your own activities.

Benefits of using sight words charts

Sight word charts are teaching supplies prepared after in-depth research. The sight words charts creators derive the list of these words from day-to-day conversations, popular reading resources like Dolch world list, and books, etc. and present them in the form of an attractive wall-hanging. The purpose is to engage the students in the learning process and give them quick access to intelligently curated words presented in a learning-oriented manner.

The best benefits of sight words charts lie in how these teaching materials promote their easier recognition and seamless application. Since these can be hung on the wall or added to writing pads, these charts offer a quick point of reference and a friendlier alternative to books. The teachers can adapt these charts to the learning needs of the children. By way of organization of words alphabetically or basis the frequency, the charts designed for teaching sight words offer to learn in a purposeful manner. These charts are instrumental in developing early reading skills.

Top uses of sight words charts are:

  • Classroom teaching supplies
  • Homeschooling support
  • Decorative material for study rooms
  • A reference source for ‘retrieve and write words’ kind of activities
  • An addition to student’s writing folders
  • Activity material for teaching sight words using a practical approach

How to use sight words chart in classroom or at homeschooling?

Sight word charts can work as an effective teaching medium provided you have learned how to introduce these to children. The best strategy that works is that of enhancing engagement. Other than the activities given in the chart, you can ask the kids to suggest a name in the chart to use as a subject and then frame the sentences using that name. 

The stepwise procedure for using sight words in a classroom comprises:

  • Involve students in creating the chart by introducing the focus word at the start
  • Encourage them to use the sight word in a variety of short sentences and keep writing them on the chart
  • Once done, re-read the chart in unison with the students
  • Perform a follow-up after retrieving the created chart in the next session

Other pre-printed sight words charts are also available that one can use to introduce and give practice to children. Using these charts, one can perform activities like:

  • Encouraging children to hunt the word; and count its instances of occurrence (it helps retention of sight words in mind)
  • Highlight important parts like capital letters, punctuation marks, and sight words as well
  • Enable practice with the help of reading pointer
  • Matching each created sentence with a corresponding picture

There are endless ways the teachers can employ sight words charts in the teaching process. Try various strategies to bring variety in teaching and retry those that give better results more than often.

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