6 really helpful apps for trigonometry

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Trigonometry – a branch of mathematics that has a triangle at its core, most simply put! The angles and sides of a triangle are found using the principles of trigonometry. As a beginner, children may feel shivers thinking about it at first, mostly because they don’t know what to expect in the coming course of study. However, with a positive approach, inquisitiveness, and of course, the right tools to learn hand, they can become confident about trigonometry and master it, eventually.

Trigonometry is not here to boggle you with more topics to study; in fact, it is the study that is going to stay with you all your life. It finds its utility in various daily life instances like astronomy research, developing gaming applications, designing and architecture, sea navigation, and various others.  

But how to introduce this important subject to early learners? The idea sounds more challenging when the students are suffering from learning disorders.

Learning disorders[1] like dyscalculia interfere with the math reasoning ability of a child. Since trigonometry involves lots of formulae, equations, spatial assessments, etc., memorizing them and retaining their concepts scare the students facing learning difficulties.

Interestingly, there are several ways using which teachers try to simplify trigonometry.  Manipulatives, games, virtual tools, etc. help disseminate trigonometry concepts in a comprehensive manner to children at the beginning stage. In addition, there are Trigonometry apps available that can provide answers and support for enriched learning of this subject. Keeping this in mind, We’ve curated a list of the top 6 mobile apps for assisting you in trigonometry.

1. Trigonometry Unit Circle

trigonomtery unit circle app for learning trigonometry

How to approach trigonometry as a beginner? This dilemma is solved best by this trigonometry app. As a beginner, a plethora of functions, identities, and laws just burdens the mind. The app eases the learning process for beginners.

You may use this app to create your repertoire of laws, formulae, identities, and so on. It also allows you to learn about symmetry, types of angles, and triangles. Further, you can get help with derivatives and calculus, which are advanced fields that apply trigonometry and its principles.

App Link: Playstore

2. Trigonometry Mathematics

trigonomtery mathematics app for learning trigonometry

The branch of trigonometry is interesting, but the problem arises when the students are not able to relate to it or find its utility in real life. Trigonometry Mathematics touches the students’ thinking process at various levels.

Right from teaching them about the basic formulas, identities, and equations to basic learners, it accompanies the students further in the learning of practical aspects. The students can improve their perspective on heights and distances by practicing the formulas or retrieving all the learning support required.

App Link: Playstore

3. Trigonometry Formulas Free

trigonomtery formulas app for learning trigonometry

Befriend the terms like sine, cos, tan, and others, and build for yourself a strong foundation for learning trigonometry. This application takes the students to the basics and provides them with handy support for learning formulas, identities, and laws.

Practice as much as you want, wherever or whenever you want – this app takes the effort out of the learning process and makes trigonometry exceptionally interesting for beginners as well as advanced learners.

App Link: Playstore

4. Triangle Calculator

trigonometry calculator app for learning trigonomtery

Sine, cos, cot, tan– Are all these terms boggling you? Simplify the learning with a Triangle calculator that allows you to find the results and relationships among the triangle’s sides in a matter of few clicks. This app works as firsthand help for calculating all sides and angles of a triangle.

All that you need to do is fill at least two sides and one angle; the rest of the calculations are done really quickly by the app. Its smooth and exceptionally comprehensive layout offers added ease of use. So, keep your trigonometry game on wherever you are, and try as many combinations of sides and angles as you want; the app solves all possible problems easily.

App Link: Playstore

5. Trigonometry Help

trigonometry help app for learning trigonometry

Get all the help you need for solving right-angle triangle problems. This app is designed for beginners as well as experts and serves as a hands-on solution for learning formulas. With facilities like a scaled drawing of the triangle solved, the learners can understand the practical aspect of solving trigonometrical equations.

Further, expressing a number in preferred decimal places, and support for entering angles in radians, minutes, seconds, and degrees of decimal degrees, allow you to experiment more extensively and build concepts more lucidly.

App Link: Appstore

6. Trigonometry Identities

trigonometry identities app for learning trigonometry

Master Trigonometry lingo to prepare better for the higher levels with this beautifully designed app for early and advanced learners. Learners can know about basics like important angles, identities, and functions. Further, they can apply them in various other branches of mathematics like Algebra and Calculus.

This app offers complete know-how on trigonometry by starting with strengthening the basics. Elementary knowledge like the definition of trigonometry laws, identities and functions, and sine, cos, and theta laws are the additional benefits the users can enjoy using Trigonometry Identities.

App link: Playstore

Wrapping up,

Technology in learning[2] is a brilliant idea. The popularity of trigonometry apps among learners is a testament to the fact that technology can be a commendable enabler of learning. With the help of such apps, learners can become comfortable with complex topics like trigonometry. While modern schools are employing technologically advanced models in learning trigonometry, the apps are offering full support for practice at home.


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