Funny Homework Quotes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

We know how kids, in general, feel about homework. While there has been a lot of debate about whether homework is necessary for kids, especially for elementary students, the fact remains that many teachers prefer giving homework. Students are expected to complete and submit their work for assessment. 

Often kids consider homework as a burden that robs them of their free time. Consequently, they tend to lose interest in it. As quotes have the power to alleviate mood and change perspective, we can use them to handle thoughts about homework too! We have already covered funny quotes on topics such as geometry, math, and grammar. This time around, we are happy to share fun quotes on homework. 

Although inspiring quotes can encourage positive thoughts, funny quotes make the topic light. By bringing a smile to students’ faces, funny quotes can lighten up their moods and help create a positive mindset toward homework.

Let’s share some smiles with funny homework quotes

1. “Homework: because 7 hours at school isn’t enough.” – Unknown

2. “I like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.” – Lily Tomlin

3. “Homework- the teachers’ way to find out how smart parents are!” – Unknown

4. “Homework is not an option. My bed is sending out serious nap rays. I can’t help myself. The fluffy pillows and warm comforter are more powerful than I am. I have no choice but to snuggle under the covers.” – Laurie Halse Anderson

5. “Time flies so fast when I’m avoiding homework…” – Unknown

6. “You could give me 43 years to do homework, and I still wouldn’t do it until the night before.” – Unknown

7. “My life is a black hole of boredom and despair.” “So basically, you have been doing homework.” “Like I said, black hole.” – Kiersten White

8. “I miss the days when homework was just… coloring.” – Unknown

9. “What I like about baseball- there is no homework!” – Dan Quisenberry

10. “I can’t keep calm. There’s too much homework.” – Unknown

11. “Moment of disappointment- when you can’t find the answers to your homework on Google.” – Unknown

12. “The reason you want your kids to pay attention in school is you haven’t the faintest idea how to do their homework.” – Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz

13. “My dog’s favorite snack is my homework.” – Unknown

14. “I am learning skills I will use for the rest of my life by doing homework – procrastinating and negotiation.” – Bill Watterson

15. “Before I forget, here’s your homework. Where do you want me to put it?” She pointed at the trash can. “Right there would be fine.” – Becca Fitzpatrick

16. “Homework should be a swear word. Every time the teacher says it, they should have to put money in a jar, and then, when there is enough, they need to buy all the kids ice cream.”  – Rachel Inbar

17. “The awkward moment when Wikipedia has copied your homework.” – Unknown

18. “Homework, I have discovered, involves a sharp pencil and thick books and long sighs.” – Katherine Applegate

19. “Instead of doing my homework; I like to stay on the computer and worry about how much homework I have to do.” – Unknown

20. “Things I have learned in school: if the homework is study or read… you don’t have any homework.” – Unknown

21. “Getting so bored that you are actually doing your homework earlier…” – Unknown

22. “The teacher can always tell when you did your homework on the bus.” – Cynthia Lewis

23. “If you attend Miskatonic University, your homework might eat your dog.” – James Pratt

24. “Inspiration comes in the middle of the night when you should be doing homework.” – Amy Lee

25.”Homework means Half Of My Energy is Wasted On Random Knowledge.” – Unknown

26. “It’s piles and piles of emotional homework forever if you ever want to qualify as a grown-up.” – Mary H.K. Choi

27. “I didn’t do it because I spent all night long doing the previous night’s homework.” – Unknown

28. “That moment when your teacher forgets you have homework, but then that one kid says, we have homework.” – Unknown

29.”Dear homework, they may be doing you, but all they can think about is me. Sincerely, summer.” – Unknown

30.”I save all of my homework until the last minute because then I will be older, therefore wiser.” – Unknown

31. “Even when I have absolutely nothing to do, homework is not an option.” – Unknown

But why is homework important for students?

We may have shared witty and funny quotes about homework, but that does not mean we consider homework unimportant. There are quite a few good reasons why homework has been an integral part of a student’s life for years. Do you want to know how doing regular homework can benefit you in the long run? Let’s see. 

1. It instills discipline and encourages students to plan their day, do their assignments, and stay organized.

2. Homework improves time management skills. As homework comes with a deadline and every day has a different workload, students have to level up their time management game to stay on track and keep their deliverables ready on time. 

3. Repeating concepts several times helps in increasing a student’s understanding of the subject. This makes the topic easier to comprehend, which stays in memory for a long duration.

4. Doing assignments in class is quite different from doing them at home. At school, guidance is readily available. But homework encourages students to problem-solve and work independently. 

5. Homework prepares students to do things even if they don’t want to. Adulthood brings several instances when you have to do certain things without having the willingness to do them. Students get to learn this life lesson through homework.

6. Homework teaches students to become responsible for their learning. Failing to take responsibility well often results in poor grades in class assessments.  

7. It provides an opportunity for parents to be actively involved in their child’s education and know what they are learning in class and where they stand in terms of understanding the subject matter. 

8. Homework also allows teachers to assess how well students have understood a topic and gives them an idea about which areas must be discussed further in class to develop clarity in the minds of the students. 

Wrapping up,

Homework may not bring a smile to a student’s face. But that doesn’t make it less important. We all know “Laughter is the best medicine” in stressful times. So, the next time you’re stressed out by your homework, take a break and go through these funny quotes. It will definitely lighten up your mood and release happy hormones in your body so you can go back and finish your homework with cheerfulness and positivity.

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