7 Fun Online Multisyllabic Word Games

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You want to introduce the rules of syllable division to students but are stumped as to what to do. How about some entertaining online games to help them with better comprehension? Sounds great, right? Learning and having fun can, of course, go hand in hand. Using online games as a tool makes decoding lessons much more interactive, engaging, and fun.

Most of the commonly spoken words contain more than one syllable, and as students grow, they must know how to decipher multisyllabic words to read and comprehend complex texts easily. It also helps enhance their vocabulary and make them sophisticated readers. For some students, it is very easy to spontaneously shift from reading single-syllable words to multisyllabic words, while some children need special teaching to make this transition.

Helping students learn to decode multisyllabic words is tricky but important. In this article, we will highlight some of the best multisyllabic word games online, which will be useful teaching tools for you. Read on to find out.

Why are teaching multisyllabic words important?

To be accurate and fluent, students must read and spell words correctly. Teaching them appropriate skills for multisyllabic words will help them easily decode the so-called multisyllabic mysteries. Let’s have a look at why is this important-

  • Improves reading

By the time students progress to secondary school, many complex words with more than one syllable are included in the curriculum. This makes it difficult to read for those who do not have a proper understanding of breaking down words into more than one syllable and figuring out their pronunciation. In a nutshell, students who cannot read multisyllabic words cannot grasp the curriculum independently.

  • Teaches correct spelling

Children who know how to split up long words find it easy to reassemble them properly. They may not be able to spell them perfectly initially, but they will try – and that is exactly what we want to encourage.

  • Better overall understanding

Comprehending words with two or more syllables aids students in identifying root words, prefixes, and suffixes. Once they’ve mastered the meanings of common prefixes and root words, students can apply what they’ve learned to unusual terms they come across. They have a fair likelihood of being able to understand the text better.

List of fun online multisyllabic word games

1.Silly Bulls Online Game

Silly Bulls Online Game

Silly Bulls is lovely gameplay with fantastic animations. Students are instructed to listen to and read words with four syllables and then categorize them in the appropriate section. It also includes a variety of themes and options for teachers to pick from while also allowing them to choose from 5 different levels. These words range in length from one to four syllables, and you can pick and choose the appropriate ones for your kids.

2. Alphabats – ABCYA

A bit trickier than the previous one, Alphabets is a very useful game with cute graphics. There is a bat on the top branch, and to hear the words, you need to click on the bat’s belly. Then the student must look for the word with the same number of syllables as the bat. Students are given the opportunity to consider how syllables combine to form words. 

3. Floyd Danger

Floyd Danger is a very entertaining and well-made game with great animations. Students must run and gather coins till they reach a wall where three words are written. They must break the words down into syllables. Students get to comprehend the sounds in each syllable which improves both reading and spelling. It is ideal for classroom team games. 

4. Bunny Syllables – Room Recess

Bunny Syllables - Room Recess

With a simple design and an admirable performance, it definitely deserves a top position in our list of online games. It’s made in an old platform gameplay style like Mario Bros. Students need to simply hop around collecting the eggs that correspond to the number of syllables in the shown word. It has many levels, and you can pick between 1-2 or 1-4 syllables, allowing you to use it with children of all ages and abilities without them realizing they’re playing something different than the rest of the class.

5.Count the syllables

Students must count the number of syllables in words and select the appropriate number. It’s short and sweet, and it’d be ideal for a quick 5 minutes revision at the end of a session. It’s not too flashy to be distracting, and it gives the students a chance to practice the syllable rules they’ve learned.

6. Saucer Syllables

 Saucer Syllables

Being a basic game, Saucer Syllables is a very useful and engaging game as it focuses on syllable spelling. This is advantageous since many children can swiftly count syllables but struggle to recognize what constitutes a syllable or how to spell them. It also features longer words, making it appropriate for pupils who are older or more advanced in English. 

7. Syllable Slurp – Room Recess

 Syllable Slurp - Room Recess

There are four chameleons, and the student must click on one of those to catch the fly with the exact number of syllables. The game has bright colors and is user-friendly. It also includes a speed slider for controlling the speed at which the words fly by. It mostly concentrates on words with one or two syllables. 

To Sum Up

Teaching and learning syllables is a rewarding experience for both teachers and pupils. It takes some patience and effort to ensure that the notion is thoroughly grasped, but it is well worth it. It truly opens up a new world of reading for students, and they will advance much more quickly as a result. Students can learn multisyllabic words in several ways. But, using online games is an excellent approach to teaching and solidifying syllables. The more interactive and engaging ways of education you opt for, especially in today’s technology age, the better your chances of keeping pupils’ attention and ensuring that the knowledge is retained!

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