6 Engaging Sequencing Events Games To Play Online

“She went into the forest for a walk, and pretty soon she came back home with some flowers and fruits. Next, she walked into the kitchen to brew a hot cup of coffee.” While this might look like a normal sentence, this actually is a classic example of sequencing events! 

Sequencing events – being one of the most eminent executive functions helps not only kids but adults too in various areas of life. These traits reflect in organizing what they read and write academically too. Hence, developing these becomes crucial and imperative. 

Learning and boosting sequencing abilities can get easy in the form of engaging activities and games. The same can also be learned through various apps and books. With that idea, we came up with some interesting and free online games that can help learn sequencing events, which is another form of sequencing that comes into use a lot many times in life. 

Event sequencing- Not just about storytelling

By definition, Sequencing skills refer to the capability of the individual to identify the components or events based on their attributes to arrange them as the beginning, middle, and ending. While sequencing of events is one of the interesting approaches for retelling a story, its importance is not just confined to it. 

Here are some other common grounds where event sequencing abilities help the learner:

  1. Reading or writing: While reading or writing an essay, story, or information, the child can easily remember the arts/events in order by interpreting them after sequencing. The aptness to correctly identify the beginning, middle, and end of the story comes with sequencing skills. 
  2. While solving a math problem: While some math problems can be direct, others can be such that they need a sequence of iterations, and operations to find the solution to the problem. Therefore, sequencing helps largely in solving a math problem, and it is a crucial aspect of becoming well-versed with the subject and its diversities. 
  3. In subjects like History: History is one subject that requires the ability to sequence events. For easily remembering the events chronologically, event sequencing is irreplaceable. 
  4. Science: Any experiment, life cycle, or process related to science is a combination of many steps and events. Being able to sequence those parts leads to correctly carrying out any experiment or process.

Sequencing events games- Our recommended picks for you

Now that we have established the importance of sequencing events, you might wonder how one can polish them in a fun and engaging way. Hence, here are a few sequencing events games that can help kids and adults get better at the skill: 

1. Picture Sequencing By Turtle Diary

Picture Sequencing By Turtle Diary

Usually sequencing a set of events is done by interchanging the positions, but this game comes with unique insights. The game includes various steps to many daily life events. The player needs to sequence the events by ranking the pictures given.

There are three levels out of which one can select as per their level of understanding. Student needs to rank the images given by dragging each number board to the respective slot to depict its place in the order of the sequence of that particular event.

Additional edges of this game include audio guidance, an option for help at the right corner. With easy gameplay and multiple sequences to practice, this game can be a good choice for early learners.

2. Jumbled By Images By Splashlearn

Jumbled By Images By Splashlearn

Great for elementary learners, this game offers playful sequencing practice sessions. It has various common event images which are all jumbled up, and need to be arranged in the correct order. There are three different parts that can ensure effective learning for little ones.

For the first sequence, the host explains to the user about the gameplay assisting them to form the right sequence. The student needs to press and drag the images to bring them in order. 

The voice cues can add interest to the game. Moreover, after every 9 images, the Player gets a score card that provides feedback of their performance which can act as an improvement guide.  

3. Reception Time by Classroom Secrets

Reception Time by Classroom Secrets

If you are looking for a quick sequencing session for your little one, Reception time is a good option. With 5 images and 5 slots that need to match together, this game with simple gameplay can be fun and full of learning. 

The 5 images need to be dragged in the respective order to form a correct and complete sequence. Once they have completed, they can choose a check button to see if their response is correct. 

This game has no time limit and players can repeat the trails any number of times. Also, if the student has any doubt, there is a provision for the teacher to guide them by showing the solution. This option is a quick access game that can be completed in a few minutes, thereby making it a good brain break or after-school choice.

4. Solar Sequence by RoomRecess.com

Solar Sequence by RoomRecess.com

This game comes with an interesting solar system theme. The player can learn about sequencing and the solar system, all through the game.

There are five planets floating in space with snippets of different events. The player needs to carefully read and observe the points and then drag the planets in the order of the event occurrence. After placing the planets, One can check the answer by pressing the DONE button. If the order is correct then the game moves forward with the next sequencing event, else a satellite with “Keep Trying” appears as a hint of an incorrect order.

There is no time limit for a sequence to complete. Also, the unique interface gameplay makes it a good sequencing game to choose from.

5. Daily routine Sequencing Events by Sanook English

 Daily routine Sequencing Events by Sanook English

The game is all about setting a daily routine in sequence. Playing this game, The kids will be introduced to the preposition of time like first, then, next, morning, afternoon, evening, night, earlier, later, before, and after which not only adds to their vocabulary but also helps them understand the usage of these words. 

The user needs to observe these events and arrange them in order carefully. They can drag each of these images to any place to bring it to the right sequence.  Once the sequencing is complete, the user can press the check option to see if their response is correct.

The total time spent on the game and the number of moves are noted below the cards. Also, if they couldn’t solve the sequence, the player can press the Show Solution option to see the answer. 

6. Story Sequencing By TinyTap

 Story Sequencing By TinyTap

Tiny tap offers a unique sequencing learning session. The story-based approach of the game helps in practicing retelling and checks whether the student is able to understand and put the events of the story in the correct order.

Once the player presses the start button, the game would narrate a story with 3-4 lines along with images on one slide. Then, they need to drag each image to respective slots to arrange them in order as per the story narration. 

There are multiple stories that the student can traverse through. With the description of each sequence and audio cues, the game becomes easy to learn and practice sequencing. There is no time limit for this game and can be iterated multiple times if needed.

Learning event sequencing- Other strategies

By now, you have a good idea of how online games are effective in learning event sequencing. There can be multiple other strategies that can be employed along with the above games for better practice. 

  • Make a habit of reading Sequencing books. To improve the ordering skills of the little ones, there are some books that come with stories where remembering the sequence of events is important. Check out these books and see a reasonable improvement in the child’s skills.
  • Use sequencing apps if you are using a phone or tab. Apps are easy to access from the menu and can be accessed offline.
  • Not only games but activities also work. Parents can choose manipulatives like story cards and puppets to create a simple event sequencing activity anytime. 

Which game did you like the most?

Online games for sequencing can prove to be a source of endless practice, with multiple themes and styles just a click away. Each of the games that we suggested here comes with a set of unique traits that make them special. Traverse through these picks and see which of these are best suitable. While you employ these games for your little one, also make sure to traverse through other strategies to add value to the game-based learning session.

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