Printable Sequencing Lesson Plan for Kindergarten [PDF Included]

sequencing lesson plan

‘Should I pack my bag first or fill the water bottle?‘ Such a question might sound ordinary to you but plays a crucial role in everyday life for little learners. With every question that decides what to do and when to do it, children indirectly form habits. Even the little actions or ways to do … Read more

Printable Sequence Worksheets For Kindergarten [PDF Included]

Sequence worksheets for kindergarten

A child goes through various stages of development in terms of educational and social growth during the kindergarten years. Kindergarten plays an important role as this preschool educational approach focuses on engaging activities for kids. Sequencing is a skill that helps a child learn daily life events and activities. With sequencing, children can predict and … Read more

6 Engaging Sequencing Events Games To Play Online

Online sequencing events games

“She went into the forest for a walk, and pretty soon she came back home with some flowers and fruits. Next, she walked into the kitchen to brew a hot cup of coffee.” While this might look like a normal sentence, this actually is a classic example of sequencing events!  Sequencing events – being one … Read more

7 Story Books For Kindergarteners To Learn Sequencing In A Fun Way

Sequencing books for Kindergarten

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. A day consists of morning, afternoon, evening, and night. This sequence can be discerned by observing it every day; similarly, ensuring befitting resources and activities may be obligatory to comprehend sequencing. For little learners who are often ready to explore what’s around, … Read more

7 Fun Sequencing Games For Adults

Be it numbers or entities, enduring arrangement in sequence makes them look organised and serene. Sequencing not only confines to ascending or descending but also to any arrangement that ensures logic. While some master the art of sequencing effortlessly, some may look forward in search of engrossing and befitting sources to learn.  When the learners … Read more