10 Fun Weather Games To Play Online

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The foundational arithmetic and language skills that today’s elementary school curricula demand can be built with the help of educational games. These educational content and activities for kids help young children acquire crucial lessons for preschool and primary school insightfully and joyfully. 

Kids are naturally curious about the world around them, and the weather is a significant aspect of that world. Playing an educational game can teach children about the seasons and other natural occurrences. It provides a platform where they can understand their surroundings when they are familiar with the four seasons, weather patterns, and the water cycle.   

Below are some interactive online games to engage kids in learning weather vocabulary and building a solid grip on it.

Why is it important to know the weather for kids?

Did you know that the US, Haiti, India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam were among the nations most severely damaged by severe weather conditions in 2016? Children will find it difficult to escape this; whether it be hurricanes, tornadoes, or heavy snowfall, even those who are glued to their screens are aware of the extreme weather surrounding them. However, do they understand why there is so much of it here?

Children won’t learn how the weather works or any of the other fascinating weather-related facts unless they are exposed to it from an early age. Young children, in particular, frequently lack knowledge about our immediate natural surroundings, making it essential for parents and teachers to foster a fundamental interest in science and nature as early as possible. 

The value of weather education for children impacts our future. Despite how much it affects our daily lives, teaching kids about the weather can be challenging. While many kids are terrified of thunder and lightning, they adore splashing around in puddles and are enthralled by the sight of a stunning rainbow.

Young children must develop a suitable vocabulary through reading or playing online vocabulary games, in order for them to be able to talk about the weather, as adults frequently do. After parents, kindergarten teachers are in the ideal position to teach the kids about the weather in the hopes that it will spark a lifelong fascination with the wonders of the natural world.

Learn the hard weather concepts with these fun games

Teachers and parents often find kids struggling while learning about the weather. Thus, the best way to teach kids is by introducing them to online games. These interactive games are fun and engaging! Whether kids are using online games to learn punctuation or for learning about weather, they are surely going to enjoy them.

1. Season Memory Game 

Season Memory Game 

The Weather Memory Game is the easiest way to teach kids different seasons. This game is ideal for the age group ranging from 3-6 years. All you need to do is match the cards that depict the same season. 

How to play the Weather Memory game 

  • Start by flipping the cards.
  • Memorize the placing of each card and match the one that appears similar 
  • Once you have matched the cards, check the time you took to flip the cards and how many times it took for you to complete the game.  

This frolic game will allow you to learn different seasons by matching them. Not just that, you will be able to enhance the child’s observational and retaining skills. 

2. Dress for the weather 

Dress for the weather 

Not just vocabulary and complicated concepts, it is equally important to teach kids what kind of clothes they must wear in different seasons. The game does exactly that. Here, you need to style the dog according to the season. 

How to play Dress For The Weather?

  • Start by selecting a puppy of your choice. 
  • Note the season stated and based on that select the clothes. 
  • The clothes are divided into four sections: Tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories. 
  • Check the puppy face below to check how well you are styling them. 
  • Select the play button and see the result. 

The game’s motive is to teach kids how to dress appropriately and according to the season.  

3. Weather Surprise

Weather Surprise

This game is based on the fact that some things are meant to exist or be used in certain types of weather. When kids play this game, they use their logic and experience to place items in the weather they are related to.

How to play Weather Surprise?

  • The game begins with two images of different weather conditions. Along with them, there is a selection of items that are related to the given weather.
  • The player must drag and drop each item to the respective weather and click on the green tick button when finished.
  • On the next level, a new set of weather conditions and items to sort appear, which must be tackled in the same way as before.

Let kids play this game to see and learn how the environment and things we use change depending on the weather.

4. Weather Crossword Puzzle

Weather Crossword Puzzle

Use this online crossword puzzle word game to improve your English listening and spelling skills for terminology related to weather conditions.

How to play the Weather Crossword Puzzle? 

  • Click on the photo in the across and down section. 
  • The photo will highlight the number you can spell on. 
  • Click the keyboard option and then spell the word recited. 
  • Complete the puzzle and click check. 

This game is an entertaining way to teach kids how to listen and spell.   

5. Collect the water drops   

Collect the water drops 

Teaching kids about the water cycle, water bodies, water forms, etc., can be tricky. However, this app can make your kid learn these challenging chapters without much hard work. The game lessons are divided into two practice exercises: kids shoot the birds and then a set of questions they need to answer. The game is an ideal mix of both fun and learning. 

How to play Collect The Water Drops? 

  • Start by watching the tutorial and then click skip. 
  • Place the arrow in the exact direction of the bird and shoot. 
  • You will be presented with a series of questions; read the statement carefully and select the correct answer. 
  • If you cannot guess the answer, it will be shadowed in red, and the correct answer will be highlighted in green. 

 The game is developed to introduce the kids to the concept of different water bodies, their forms, and the hard concepts of evaporation and condensation, to name a few. 

6. Weather


Weather is an easy-to-learn game wherein a child learns all about different weather conditions. The format of the game is divided into four sections: each set includes matching the season’s photo with its name, seasons in other countries, and weather-related actions by checking the image.   

How to play Weather?

  • Start by clicking start. 
  • Match the words and the associated season and drag it to the box. 
  • Once you fill the set correctly, you will be taken to the next step. 
  • In this set, you must drag the season to the country mentioned above. 
  • In the following set, you need to visualize the picture and mention which season it is associated with 
  • Following this, you must fill in the weather-related action as depicted in the photo. 

The game’s purpose is simple; you learn the season from the first set. After which you learn about different countries through their flags and in the last section know what kind of activities are done. 

7. Sid The Science Kid: Weather Surprise

7. Sid The Science Kid: Weather Surprise

Sid, the Science Kid is a game where a kid needs to dissect things and animals based on which season setup they belong to. For instance, the image showcases the winter and spring seasons along with polar bears and butterflies in the first section. Then the kid must place the polar bear in the winter snow and a butterfly in the spring photo. 

How to play Weather Surprise? 

  • Start by clicking play. 
  • Check the images and then thoughtfully place the vegetation. 
  • Once done, click the check sign below. 

The game embeds the undeniable benefit of teaching kids about the different seasons and the types of vegetation and animals present in them. 

8. Weather Clothes

Weather Clothes

Styling according to the season is a fantastic way to teach kids what kind of clothes they must wear to shield themselves. The game showcases different garments and then asks the kids to select the correct season they will wear them. 

How to play Weather Clothes?

  • Start by clicking the tiny tap button. 
  • Select a box and answer the question “On what day you would wear these clothes.”
  • Click the correct image associated with the season you would wear these clothes. 

The learning objective of the game is to familiarize the kids with the different seasons and the outfits associated with them. 

9. Weather Report

Weather Report

Give your child or your students a glimpse of how weather reporting is done through this intriguing weather reporting game. Players take on the role of a weather detective and do their job of reporting a city’s weather through symbols and clues used by the weather department.

How to play Weather Report?

  • A description of a city’s weather conditions is displayed on top of the screen.
  • Players must go through the report and use the related symbols available on the right side of the screen to display the correct weather using simple drag-and-drop method.
  • They must also set the correct temperature on the thermometer before placing it close to the city’s location on the map.  

The game continues until the player has covered all the places on the map. There is also a timer to show how much time a player has taken to complete the challenge.

10. Weather – Matching Game

Weather – Matching Game

This is another online game that requires players to flip and match the cards displayed on the screen. All cards are related to the weather and give kids a nice round of practice on the subject.

How to play Weather – Matching Game?

  • When the game starts, fourteen cards appear on the screen. Different weather conditions are depicted on these cards in text and image formats.
  • Flip one card at a time and try to find its matching pair on the very next flip.
  • The game will conclude when all pairs of cards are found.

This game not only helps kids learn about the weather but also enhances their memory as they try to remember the position of cards when flipping them one after the other.


Teachers who teach meteorology can easily prepare their seasons lesson plan and weather lessons for their courses using learning activities and games. Thanks to instructional games that children enjoy playing while fast becoming experts on various weather situations, children’s interest and knowledge of the weather increases.

Thus, online games, learning songs and watching movies produce the outcomes teachers look for in their pupils. As a result, multiple elementary and middle schools are adding enjoyable online activities and printable worksheets into their curriculum.

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