6 Fun Online Games For Learning Vedic Math

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While a student can choose from multiple math sources. Vedic math may be one of the fine take-ins as these may assist in better math operations by ensuring mental ability.

Acquired from Atharva Veda, Vedic Math is an assortment of ancient ways to deal with accelerating numerical computations. Vedic Math methods are utilized to estimate faster without utilizing a pen and paper. 

In any case, instructors are always on the lookout for new and fascinating ways of making teaching techniques easy. 

Furthermore, to do that, we have a few apparatuses to make the opportunity to further assist pupils. While learning Vedic Math is imperative for students, we can make a stride further to make students play online Vedic Math games to add some fun part to their learning.

Vedic Math- Where number efficiency ameliorates 

While not all the learners may have traversed through Vedic math strategies, ensuring such a style can be assisting. The concepts of Vedic Maths are easy to grasp, and a student can master them at any stage of their learning journey. This may make Vedic math a befitting pick.

Vedic Math has a  vast collection of techniques to solve math problems easily and quickly. For that reason, we are taking you on an excursion to learn the ideas of Vedic Maths with 6 online games. These interesting games will assist the children in mastering the strategies of Vedic Math in a short timeframe. 

1. High Speed Subtraction

High Speed Subtraction

Vedic math preaches subtraction with Nikhilam Sutra.  The same is encouraged to perform subtraction in this game. Being set in a restroom, the player needs to unlock the locker for a girl by solving a subtraction sum via Nikhilam Sutra.  The game needs only a mouse to play, as the numbers are displayed on the screen itself. Further, each sum comes with hints at each step of solving the sum, facilitating the players to smoothly operate without glitches. 

Nikhilam Sutra is for the subtraction of a number from the nearest power of 10 i.e. 10,100,1000, etc. In this, subtraction starts from the left and proceeds towards the right direction. 

2. Actionable addition

 Actionable addition

Set up in a dungeon, the player here needs to take a guy near a magical gate. To ensure the same, they have solved a few additional sums using the complete whole method. For instance, if the question is 9+5, then it can also be written as 9+1+4, or 10+4, thereby easily discerning 9+5 as 14.

While the initial stages stipulate the players to learn to sum up two numbers, in later stages adding more than two numbers may be practiced. With noteworthy graphics and tips to solve, this game may be an admirable game-based pedagogy for Vedic addition. 

3. Easy Multiplication

Easy Multiplication

Multiplication can be effortless with the implementation of Vedic math techniques. This online game implicitly teaches players to apply methods to perform swift multiplication, thereby reducing the scratch work and use of finger counting. With several engaging games, this can be your pick for Vedic multiplication.  It encourages fast calculation for the given maths problem.

The game is set in a city where a boy needs to be saved from an alien. The player can ensure this by solving a multiplication sum at every stage. The edge of the game is that tricks for multiplication can be accessed anytime in the midst of the game in case of doubt. Further, these tricks ensure faster math calculations. 

4. Number Over 10

 Number Over 10

When two numbers slightly greater than 10 are to be multiplied, a special Vedic math technique can be used for faster estimation. The number over 10 ensures preaching the same. Being set up in an ice cream shop, the player needs to help the boy calculate the ice cream cost based on multiplication principles.

Mimicking a real-life instance of multiplication, this game ensures an enticing learning experience. Moreover, tricks for each sum is also ensured, facilitating player to implement Vedic math strategy.  

5. Interesting Division

Interesting Division

Dividing any number with 11 can be effortless with a Vedic math technique.  The game ensures to teach the same. Setup in space, the player needs to defend a spaceship from coming asteroids.  Each asteroid has an answer and can be destroyed by solving the query on the ship and choosing relevant asteroids with answers. With noteworthy graphics and interactive gameplay, this game ensures engagement. Another advantage is that It has no time limit, motivating new players to take time to solve. 

6. Lightning square

 Lightning square

Estimation of number squares can save a lot of time when it comes to scenarios like exam halls and tests. This game ensures to preach players to swiftly reckon squares ending with 5. This way, the learner can square larger numbers effortlessly as the levels of the game go up.

Being a safe game to play, this is a good pick to master squares. The game uses logic for multiplication and preaches an easy method for numbers ending 5. For instance, 25*25 can be solved by multiplying 2 with (2+1) and then putting 25 later. This means the answer is 625. For every sum, similar tricks may be displayed to ensure the student learns these tips. 

Vedic math and dyslcalculia- How do these pedagogies succor?

Everyone learning math may often welcome those strategies that can give out swift solutions. For that reason, Vedic math has become handy for many students. Even if learning or number compromises exist in individuals, these math strategies can be handy as they offer flexibility and innovations in calculations. 

James T. Glover[1] studied the edges of Vedic Math as a pedagogical tool. He outlined that Vedic math can have the upper hand over some other teaching methods as they look to ensure creativity, flexibility, and the development of strategic skills in problem-solving scenarios.

Dyscalculics, as we all know, are often more than creative and often prefer ingenious strategies to learn, which may lead us to infer how these techniques can be helpful for number compromises. Further, Jini K Gopinath[2] studied the role of Vedic math in learning difficulties by making studies on children with some learning compromises. The Results showed that Vedic math in schools can aid children to comprehend math concepts better.

Jayanthi Sarabanan[3] in his research article outlined that people with dyscalculia may have compromises in areas like counting numbers and retaining magnitudes and facts. For such individuals, notions like Vedic math can be provocative to motivate them towards endless challenges in the subject.

The research outlines that there are no medications that treat dyscalculia, ADHD, or anxiety but there are many non-medical ways to help children with dyscalculia that can be successful. Educational therapy, speech therapy, etc. are the alternative take-ins In educational therapy, Vedic maths can be included which makes learning maths fun, fast, and fantastically easy. 

All these researches and inferences point that Vedic math can be helpful to dyscalculics or any other special needs students to make out with subjects like math. 


Vedic math has made life more straightforward by giving the procedures to settle the perplexing subject of “Math without hardly lifting a finger”. Educators and guardians ceaselessly stress over how to show science in an advanced way.

However, presently the Vedic math stunts for youngsters have come to save all of us from the anxiety toward arithmetic. Vedic Maths is one such approach to show, which has complex advantages for the child’s abilities and cerebrum. It opens up the child’s psyche to learn new things effectively with an all-encompassing approach.


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