Scored straight A’s in every subject matter but maths – Story of Victoria Lawson

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Dyscalculia may have hindered her pace in doing basic calculations but that didn’t stop her from scoring straight A’s in other subjects.

Being diagnosed in sophomore year of high school, Multimedia journalism major Victoria Lawson oftentimes become frustrated with math. This is what she has to say about her struggle with dyscalculia

Whenever I schedule interviews with people, I pull up a picture of a clock because I need the visual display

I also memorize phone numbers by envisioning them as pictures.

I would write down 71 instead of 17, and I couldn’t remember my phone number in middle school. Even my laptop passwords are all from muscle memory.

Initially, Lawson put it on her self, blaming herself for not having enough competitive skills. She became sleep-deprived from working late nights making assignments. She put lots of effort in proving herself but failed when it comes to math.

However, it didn’t take long for her to realize that her dyscalculia balances for other gifts that God blessed her with.

He created numbers and knew the solution to every tough problem I couldn’t face

He is infinite and highlights my own inadequacy, but also His adequacy in my life.

Use your limitations to be more in awe of the sufficiency of God and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Use all of the resources around you.

She encourages everyone struggling with dyscalculia to not limit themselves. There are still a lot of opportunities. Go ahead, use them to the fullest.

For an adult with dyscalculia, little adjustments can help you cope up with this disability. Some of them are – Practicising maths through Abacus, Frequent use of the calculator, Doing yoga and meditation daily. Detailed info on tools and remedies for dyscalculia is given in this post.

Disclaimer: Parts of this story taken from this blog post by theechonews. is in no way linked to theechonews. We give full credit to theechonews for highlighting the story of Victoria Lawson.

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