10 Fun Barton Reading Games And Activities

Barton reading games and activities

Who doesn’t want an individualized approach for their Children? Barton Reading is one such program that ensures the same with its Orton-Gillingham-influenced approach. This System is the ideal learning roadmap for children, adolescents, and adults who find difficulty reading, spelling, and writing due to learning disabilities. It can also preach you a step beyond the … Read more

All About Reading Vs. Barton Reading Program

All About Reading vs Barton program

Reading programs offer more than conventional ways of building skills. These programs involve activities based on multisensory learning and pave the easy path for reading strugglers. Educators devised different approaches to teaching reading skills to give an equal chance of learning to all. These approaches structured the acquisition process of reading skills and promoted individualized … Read more

What Is Barton Reading Program? How It’s Different From Orton Gillingham?

barton reading program

A popular saying goes, “Children are like wet cement; whatever falls on them makes an impression”. It is thus very necessary to choose a reading program for kids carefully. The Barton Reading Program was created around this concept of using colour-coded tiles to help dyslexic students establish connections between sounds and letters to help them … Read more