Are Dyslexics Good At Engineering? Let’s Find Out!

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON SEPTEMBER 08, 2022 The biggest challenge dyslexics deal with is the difficulty in reading, spelling, and writing. These skills are of primary importance to excel in academics as the school curriculum is totally dependent on them. However, this difficulty should not stop them from excelling in life because they are blessed … Read more

Can I Become An Engineer Being A Dyscalculic?

Dyscalculia and engineer

A befitting idea can lead to a custom-tailored solution of a challenge. The procedure to implement these ideas can be equally important. Consequently, People who can employ these concepts in practice are often preferred. Being an engineer is much more than just being a concept generator and executer.  Comprehending the same, some young aspirants may … Read more