10 Examples Of Rote Learning In Everyday Life

Repeat, repeat, and repeat again: repetition is the cornerstone to rote learning, whether your toddler reads the material out loud or writes it down several times. While there are several forms of learning and grasping a set of information, a lot of students still rely on this technique of learning for memorization and absorbing knowledge.  … Read more

10 Applications Of Integration And Differentiation In Real Life

Have you ever wondered how the universe is constantly in motion and how it is monitored? Or how the motion of all the minute particles can be measured? The answer to all these curiosity questions lies in an interesting subject called Calculus. Calculus is the branch of math that studies the rate of change.  Isaac … Read more

14 Interesting Examples Of Parabola In Real Life

A parabola is an approximately U-shaped, mirror-symmetrical plane curve in mathematics. The locus of points in the plane that are equally spaced apart from the directrix and the focus is known as the parabola. Even when Parabola is a mathematical concept, it is highly found in its surroundings. Numerous variations of a parabola can be … Read more

14 Examples Of Statistics In Real Life To Understand It Better

Do you know teachers’ evaluation results and maintain attendance? Are you aware of the everyday occurrence of weather conditions? They all use statistics to derive and present data in the form of numbers. The practice or science of statistics is the wide-scale collection and analysis of numerical data, primarily for the goal of interpreting representatives. … Read more

10 Common Uses Of Percentage In Our Daily Lives To Understand It Better

In our daily lives, we use percentages all the time without even realizing it. For example, discount percentages while shopping, during cash back on that purchase, or while paying Interest rates on loans, the concept of percentage is everywhere. But what exactly is a percentage? In essence, it’s a way of expressing a number as … Read more

12 Real-Life Examples Of Rotational Symmetry To Understand It Better

A shape exhibits rotational symmetry when it retains its appearance following a little amount of rotation by a partial turn. The rotational symmetry of a shape explains why an object’s shape remains unchanged when it is rotated about its own axis. If a geometric shape is rotated 180 degrees or at certain angles, either clockwise … Read more

30+ Important Examples Of Classroom Routines And Procedures

Classroom routines and procedures examples

How many times have you walked into a classroom and had no idea what to expect? In any educational setting, routines and procedures play a crucial role here. They help establish a sense of order and predictability for students and teachers.  But what exactly are routines and procedures?  Daily classroom habits and chain of events … Read more

10 Real-Life Examples Of The Order Of Operations To Understand It Better

order of operation

In common parlance, Order of Operation is the sequence of activities to complete a task. It is similar to Math operations too. Maths is a complex subject involving various operations we use to arrive at a solution.  In mathematics order of operations are the rules that tell us the sequence in which the various operations of … Read more