5 Engaging Place Value Activities For First Graders

place value activities

Place value is very essential to understand in the early years of education as not only it is the foundation of most arithmetic concepts, but also vital for making basic decisions in early life. Being as important as a fundamental concept of place value is, it does become difficult to comprehend it at times.  To … Read more

6 Engaging Sight Word Games For First Graders

Knowledge of sight words is essential to developing linguistic skills but it may prove challenging to impart when the kids are at the receiving end of instructions. Teaching difficult things in an easy and fun way helps make the process more inclusive. Amongst various pedagogical approaches, gamification of the concept-building process improves learning ability; a … Read more

11 Gamified Math Manipulatives For First Graders

10 Gamified Math Manipulatives For First Graders

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. ‘There must be some playful way of teaching new math concepts to first graders.’ If this thought hits your mind often, especially when you see the child struggling through basic operations, here is good news for you! There are manipulatives available as … Read more