A Quick Guide To Self-Advocacy (With Examples)

Guide to self advocacy with examples

Do you know how to communicate your several needs just at the right time? If yes, you’re truly good at self-advocacy. The concept Self-Advocacy revolves around the idea of freely expressing your needs by speaking up for yourself. It also includes telling people your thoughts, emotions, and feelings in the most convenient manner. Studies suggest … Read more

Self Advocacy Checklist [PDF Included]

Self Advocacy Checklist

Self-advocacy is the crucial trait of expressing your opinion and taking decisions for oneself.  However, a lot of times this crucial trait might be compromised due to some learning disabilities like dyslexia; however, certain strategies like games and activities can assist in ameliorating the same, and quantifying the level of growth is also obligatory to … Read more

50 Inspiring Quotes Celebrating The Power Of Self-Advocacy

Self advocacy quotes

Self-advocacy is the act of expressing or sharing one’s thoughts and feelings about oneself, including opinions.   Speaking up for yourself, and making your own decisions becomes a crucial part of adulthood. And this must be practiced in the early days, in order to become better self-advocates.  Many activities when initiated can help them become … Read more

7 Fun Self-Advocacy Games And Activities For Students

Self-Advocacy games for students

Self-Advocacy- A trait often belittled; verily, this attribute can be a boon for an individual. Much like social skills, self-advocacy is no less than an ability required to communicate needs, views and make allies. But how do you instill these in students? Mentors like parents and teachers should inculcate representing and communicating wants and views … Read more

Self-Advocacy In Students With Learning Disabilities: An Overview

Self-Advocacy In Students With Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities affect communication skills, cognition, decision-making, and other abilities required for normal living. If you inspect closer all these traits are required for putting forth the points made in the favor of the self. Often it happens that a sense of undue gratitude enters the psyche of children especially when the world around shows … Read more

How Self-advocacy Skill Is Affected By Dyslexia?

self advocacy and dyslexia

Self-advocacy is the crucial trait of “Standing up for yourself”. Though it is a quality we must encourage in all, those coping with Dyslexia have to acquire it particularly. Before we discuss how to go about learning self-advocacy, we must first understand the concept step-by-step.  In this blog, we will explore in detail about self-advocacy, … Read more