Top 10 Parent-Teacher Communication Apps In 2024

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Teachers and parents play an equitably pivotal role in children’s schooling and training. While instructors guide these little ones on school premises, parents may order them at home. To maintain a balance between both phases, transparency, and noteworthy communication these mentors are often obligatory. This way, while guardians can know about updates from the school, educators may better comprehend the attitude and learning style of the pupil.  

School communication apps ensure the same by letting the parents not only check out the progress but also remind them about deadlines, exams, and other updates. Here we will look into 10 such apps that you may choose.

Teacher-Parents communication apps: Need of the hour?

Communication between parents and teachers is often crucial for transparency and better output. Debra Miretzky[1] did research on the requirement of parent-teacher communication. It was outlined that collaborative discourse between parents and teachers focusing on methods and outcomes improved school and academic performances. These insights show how this bond is pivotal. Looking into channels for the same, apps can be a fair choice.  Accordingly, here are some reasons why these apps are needed:

1. Instill trust in parents

When parents keep in continual contact with their children’s instructors, they are informed about all of the school’s activities. They are kept up to date on all assignments, tasks, and teachings on a regular basis. This contributes to parents’ faith in instructors. They may rely on the teachers for their children’s well-being and how they are educated at school.

2. Fast communication

Parents may obtain information on their children at any time of day and at a rapid rate in a matter of seconds. Even in the case of an emergency, parents can communicate almost instantly.  Apart from that, parents get access to all other material, such as assignments, tests, and homework, on a daily basis and do not have to wait for anything.

3.  Easy access

 Due to their current lifestyle, parents are unable to attend their children’s school on a frequent basis to receive information on their child’s progress. They may not have to worry about using these applications. They can receive all the information they need while sitting at home or at work and easily access it with their smart gadgets and a reliable internet connection.  

4. Teacher’s approach

When parents communicate with the teacher about their child’s performance on a regular basis, they may readily provide feedback on the child’s response. Teachers may modify their approach and use suitable tactics to meet a child’s needs and learning in class thanks to ongoing communication.

5. Suitable for all Grades

With multiple levels of flexibility and customization, these apps are often suitable for all children. If the parent cares about little kids, photos and video updates can be availed. If it is about their high school kid, their performance in various sports, assignments, and activities can be accessed. 

Apps help in better communication between Teachers and Parents

We have compiled a list of 10 innovative apps for smartphones and smart devices that allow parents and teachers to stay connected and on the same page during a student’s education.

1. Bloomz 


Bloomz is a popular parent-teacher communication tool that helps instructors save time and create a supportive school environment by automating all parent conversations. Teachers may use Bloomz to send parents messages and images, organize parent-teacher conferences, and even assist with volunteer sign-ups. Call calendars and reminders, parent-teacher conferences, volunteer item signups, and behavior tracking are all ways for parents and teachers to interact and plan events.

 Daily fast updates, video sharing, and photo upload, as well as daily sheets and reports, keep track of all activities such as naps, toilet meals, and more! This saves time and engages parents by allowing for more efficient communication. Bloomz is a top-rated app because it is award-winning; it is nominated for and wins accolades year after year.

App link: Playstore

2. Class dojo

Class dojo

ClassDojo is one of the greatest school applications for parents and teachers since it helps instructors keep families updated about their children. This classroom management tool is intended to assist instructors in improving student conduct and communicating with parents more efficiently.

Depending on your time, purpose, and interest, you can use it in varying levels, Using any device, parents may effortlessly join the class. Messages may be instantly translated into 30+ languages.

App link: Playstore | Appstore

3. Remind


Remind is a free tool that allows teachers to send text messages about school assignments and reminders to parents and students in a secure manner. Teachers can use Remind to send reminders to parents at a later date, reminding them of tasks that children need to complete, bring, or remember. 

Teachers may email daily homework, reminders of impending examinations, and photos of textbook pages to their students on a regular basis. They may also message individual students, a full class, or numerous classes at once, which is a highly useful function for kids.

App link: Playstore

4. SchoolCNXT


Being a multi-device software, it is available in the form of a mobile app too. More than an app or a database, SchoolCNXT mimics a social media site where the school can post pictures and updates in the feed.  Parents can anytime scroll them down to check out the updates generically.

It has all the needed features like messaging and other interactive features like tags for labeling and many more. Available across various platforms, this app may be a take-in for parents who are looking for new feeds to get updates regularly. 

App link: Playstore

5. ParentSquare


ParentSquare is a flexible teacher-parent communication tool that promotes parent engagement and involvement while also assisting schools in streamlining communication between administrators, support staff, instructors, and parents. 

Parents may use this app to look for future school and class activities and add them to their smartphone calendars. It also allows you to send private messages to school staff members and participate in group discussions. Parents may view submitted photos and files, as well as their child’s school directory. 

App link: Playstore | Appstore

6. Seesaw


Seesaw is a  kid-friendly platform that may be used for remote learning and for communication between parents and teachers. It allows educators to record attendance, communicate with both parents and students, publish materials for students to complete online, make adjustments, and return work to students. The layout is incredibly user-friendly for students, and it clearly identifies work that needs to be done as well as collecting completed work into an online portfolio that students and families can see.

Teachers may add audio and visual elements such as images, audio clips, and videos into online courses, which helps to provide students with compelling study materials. Here instructors can create a new document or update information on the existing ones. Seesaw allows mentors to save their own lessons and also has a library of pre-made lesson resources.

App link: Appstore

7. Brightwheel


The software allows for real-time attendance and real-time contact with parents. Pictures are accompanied by subtitles and one-touch categories for easy access in the future. It’s simple to send private or group messages, and it helps with teacher/director/parent logging so that everyone involved is aware of what’s going on. It has empowered teachers to contact families on a daily/weekly basis. 

Teachers may submit images without using up their phone’s storage. Parents may sign in and out more easily. It’s easier to collect tuition payments from families. It’s more convenient to have a picture of the school in one place.

App link : Playstore | Appstore

8. HiMama


HiMama is a simple method to record and share a kid’s activities, from hilarious and entertaining moments to learning and development, in order to involve parents and enhance child outcomes. 

Even though parents may be temporarily away from their children, they may be intimated with lively updates ensuring to keep them closer. 

 Nothing makes a parent happier than spending time with their children, whether physically or virtually. It significantly reduces the administrative time for invoicing, attendance records, and teacher time records. It also has tools like a food schedule, an event calendar, and a programming chart to help parents and teachers stay in touch.

App link : Playstore | Appstore

9. Klassly


Klassly is a one-of-a-kind educational platform that serves as a conduit for communication between instructors, schools, and families. The Klassly app allows you to communicate privately with the other parents in your class. Very handy for organizing birthdays, retrieving a lecture, or completing a school project, to name a few examples! 

It has an easy-to-use, straightforward interface, as well as a variety of in-app classroom features for successful communication and collaboration. Klassly is inclusive, allowing parents to become more active in their children’s school lives while also receiving the support and trust that they need.

App link : Playstore | Appstore

10. Classtag


ClassTag is a parent-teacher communication tool that is completely free. Teachers may involve parents in the classroom by exchanging images and files and reminding them of important dates. 

They can instantly schedule parent-teacher conferences, volunteer opportunities, and feedback reports. Parents may get ClassTag’s smart reminder texts on any device, anywhere.

It facilitates parent-teacher contact through coordinating volunteer efforts, classroom events, conferences, and reminders, among other things.

App link: Appstore


Effective communication between educators and parents is critical in assisting children in learning. These preschool applications have shown to be great solutions for bridging the gap between breakdowns in communication between parents and teachers, making them the finest teacher-parent apps you can rely on.

With these applications, the distance between mentors is drastically minimized. Thankfully, there are a plethora of options to pick one. Check out the picks stated above to see if any one of them is the best fit for you. 

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  1. Miretzky, D. (2004). The communication requirements of democratic schools: Parent-teacher perspectives on their relationships. Teachers College Record, 106(4), 814-851.

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