7 Online Brain-Teasing Pattern Games for Adults

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The human brain is estimated to be a master pattern recognizer; AI Expert Ray Kurzweil at least stands firmly by this premise and has based an entire book on it. In this book, he mentions that humans learn due to process and repeat process information. Whenever they see any pattern, they make it a benchmark and try to find more similar ones from their surroundings. Hence, the ability to see and recognize patterns is both the sign and the precursor of developing intelligence.

But, it is not so conspicuous in all people. Aging brains, failing memories, and a few learning disorders like dyscalculia can interfere with pattern recognition ability. That is why the brain needs constant workouts to ensure that its ability to read, identify, remember, and make more patterns remain intact till late in life. One of the easy ways to ensure this is to play pattern games for adults. These games can work up various parts of the brain in adults and keep them entertained and focused too.

Why should adults play pattern games?

Pattern recognition is a basic human mind skill. It is required to make sound conclusions and correct decisions. If you observe closely, we are living amidst a web of patterns. Houses arranged in a row, vehicles parked properly, or books to clothes we keep tidily on a shelf are nothing but the outcome of the pattern-making abilities of the mind. Thus, top reasons to boost this ability by playing pattern games can help adults in various ways, including:

  • Helps them stay organized, neat, and in an orderly manner.
  • Orderliness gives way to better productivity, to the art of getting things done.
  • Better productivity arising from orderliness helps them stay competent in various jobs

Thus, all reasons boil down to one thing, that is, to be able to manage the self and affairs of daily life independently. Some call pattern identification a way to become a person with able leadership qualities, too.

So, which pattern games can help adults? It is quite a pragmatic question to ask, as choices are pretty wide, and confusing too. That is why we have eased you here the process of choosing pattern games that fit the adult minds.

In this post, we bring you the 7 most mind-provoking pattern recognition games that adults can play and practice to boost their mental powers.

Best pattern games for adults available online

1. Pattern Memory Game

Pattern Memory Game

Often people come across blink-and-miss situations. But, the best chance takers are those that can make the most of those ephemeral elements too. This pattern memory game offers the ideal solution for improving the memory abilities of the brain. A pattern is blinked for a second or two and then the learner needs to copy the pattern the very next moment.

It is an amazing activity to improve mental prowess and to apply it in hand-eye coordination too. The game is available online and comes with morale boosters like points, and the pretext to share your performance in social communities too. So, next time you want a memory booster to test and show off, simply log on to this game and show the world what you have got!

Game Link: Web App

2. Pattern Matrix

Pattern Matrix

This is the game of testing visual perception abilities! The adult learners trying to increase their minds’ plasticity find the best food for mental ability build-up in this game. It offers the challenge of identifying two identical tiles from a set of two. Tricky, right? Well, you have just started!

Next, you may find tiles with patterns shuffled, allowing you to immerse deeply into relationship identification, visual memory development, and increasing mental concentration. A dash of colorful elements is further added to give the next level of difficulty; the growing mind will definitely find itself on its toes and quite prepared to tackle the newer pattern challenges but with added ease. Overall, this game is ideal for pattern recognition leading to the development of analytical capabilities.

Game Link: Web App

3. Halloween Cards Memory Matching

Halloween Cards Memory Matching

Revisit the Halloween memories and apply your visual perception and matching skills to make pairs of cards having the same pictures. The trick is to identify which cards were carrying the same picture. The fewer the steps, the sharper your memory is! This pattern recognition and memorization booster game is divided into multiple levels. As a starter, kick off with the easiest one. By doing ample practice, master it and move on to the next.

The increasing size of grids helps in teasing the mind with something more challenging at each level. That unrest or a pang of anxiety to keep account of flipped images and their position is the challenge you will overcome with regular practice and more rounds of play.

Game Link: Web App

4. Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference

You can appreciate a pattern only when you can identify a difference in it! It seems to be the premise for this pattern recognition game for adults. The matrix of pictures having the same pattern flashes on the screen. The challenge is to point the odd one out. What do you actually do in this activity? You simply build a selective attention ability.

Often people need to sift through information to pick the relevant pattern and make inferences. They can build this capacity by playing this pattern recognition game often and at varying speeds. It is the easiest way to boost the visual discrimination potential of the brain and helps train it to see the odds. Perfect mental agility booster worth including in your games collection!

Game Link: Web App

5. Hidden Object

Hidden Object

What is a pattern? It is nothing but the opposite of the chaos, right? Thus, when you identify a pattern, you tend to set things in order and boost your critical thinking. It is exactly what you learn to grasp from this online pattern game for adults, known as ‘Hidden Object.’ The game trains the mind to concentrate on things of choice or correct utility. It works it up to receive the correct information from the horde.

The quickness of identifying the object, making it stand out from the horde, and blanking out everything unimportant is a crucial brain activity that adults can employ to become successful organizers. This game offers ample mental workouts to achieve this level of critically driven thinking.

Game Link: Web App

6. Mahjongg Dimensions

Mahjongg Dimensions

Boost up your critical evaluation skills and apply them to make a pair of matching tiles. You have to employ visual closure activities to understand the difference between an open-ended and a confined tile. Only those tiles will fetch you a point when they carry the same image and do not have any other tile style on their left or right.

There is an option provided to reshuffle the image to take out the hidden possibilities. Hence, you can luxuriate in the multiple advantages of pattern matching, hand-eye coordination coupled with the mental agility to think fast to make new patterns and pairs.

Game Link: Web App

7. Sequences


The pattern is not only of figures and designs. Number sequencing is a kind of pattern making too. The sequences game is designed to boost the mathematical agility of the mind. Adults get ample fodder to work on mathematical operations like plus and minus, to identify and tell the next in the series.

This number sequencing game can be played at various levels of difficulty and in a time-pressed way too. Practice as much and as often as possible and boost the neuroplasticity of the brain, allowing it to be comfortable with all levels of numeric problems. When choosing to be a computation nerd, you can play this game till you become one.

Game Link: Web App

Wrapping up,

Patterns are everywhere, and these are the clues that take you to a deeper understanding of nature around you. By boosting this ability, leaders can identify better performers in their team, or chalk out the activity plan to extract the best results.

On a personal level, they can organize themselves as per the accepted norms and set examples for others too. So, don’t miss upon these chances of improving patterns intelligence; play patterns games. You might discover something interesting about yourself in the process!

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