Grammar IEP Goals [PDF Included]

Grammar IEP Goals

Learning English is important irrespective of age and grade. However, the smoothness and steadiness of grasping might not be the same for everyone. However, to overcome this, schools are opting for a disciplined approach toward transforming education according to the needs of these special children. For this, they involve parents and caretakers to form a … Read more

Types of IEP Meetings

Types of IEP meetings

IEP provides befitting plans for every eligible special student based on their needs. These could be for non-verbal disabilities, cognitive disabilities, as well as other learning disabilities like dyscalculia. While we know that IEP paves the path for children who need special education or extra attention; however, to implement it duly, a set of preplans … Read more

Common Examples of IEP Violations and How to report these?

What is IEP Violations

IEP is a crucial program for students with learning disabilities. On paper, it ensures to address all the necessary provisions that a student needs. Even though coordinators strive to ensure these, violations can occur. Thankfully, there is a provision for the parents to identify and report these breaches. For that, they may need to comprehend … Read more

Self Advocacy Checklist [PDF Included]

Self Advocacy Checklist

Self-advocacy is the crucial trait of expressing your opinion and taking decisions for oneself.  However, a lot of times this crucial trait might be compromised due to some learning disabilities like dyslexia; however, certain strategies like games and activities can assist in ameliorating the same, and quantifying the level of growth is also obligatory to … Read more

How Do Graphic Organizers Help Students With Dyslexia?

How do graphic organizers help students with dyslexia

Students with Dyslexia may need assistance in organizing their thoughts to complete their assignments and notes. As they may prefer visual learning, presentations in the form of flowcharts and tables may help. Looking into it deeply, these graphic organizers assist students by providing better details.  Not only in better executive functioning, there are multiple other … Read more

Important Examples of IFSP Outcomes And Strategies To Understand It Better

IFSP outcomes and strategies

When the family is provided with suitable personalized assistance, a noteworthy outcome for the children is expected. This feature makes IFSP provisions distinct from 504 and IEP accommodations. This plan can be effective for parents who wish to make equal efforts for the betterment of the child alongside educators. After exploring through the guide of … Read more

75 Positive Comments For Parent-Teacher Conferences

Positive comments for parent teacher conference

Parent-Teacher Conferences hold great importance as parents meet and interact with the teachers and educators of their child. Whether a head teacher, associate teacher, or assistant teacher, each teacher in the classroom has unique insights as to how your child is performing in school.  On the other hand, there is no denying that parents know … Read more

7 Fun Auditory Memory Activities For Little Learners

Auditory Memory Activities

We hear different words every minute, every day! But how much can we recall what we hear? This is where auditory memory comes into play!  Auditory memory involves being able to hear, memorise and recall information. Simply put, it is the ability to recall information by hearing. The less time between when you heard something … Read more

5 Effective Hacks For Improving Your Handwriting

Handwriting hacks

With the vast options available, handwriting still holds a unique essence in itself. Abilities to neatly put information on paper is often important and an admirable trait of a person. While having the best handwriting is the need of many people, mostly all need a few hacks to make a great difference in the presentation.  … Read more