Free Printable Comparing Number Worksheets [PDF]

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Numbers enter a kid’s life right at the kindergartener age. They bring along challenges like counting, number sense building, subitizing, etc. A very basic thing to do with numbers is to compare them. It is out of the number sense that a kid can find the smaller or greater of the two numbers, and understand other relationships. Teachers and parents employ games, manipulative, activities, and other classroom teaching materials to make numeric literacy development fun and result-oriented for children. One such resource is comparing numbers worksheets.

Why use worksheets to teach comparing numbers to kids?

Kids may tend to develop a fear of math if the problems given to them are not picked from daily life situations. Worksheets for comparing numbers are designed keeping the engaging props like animals, toy pictures, garden or play area elements as the backdrop. That is how kids feel more involved and find the math concepts learning an important thing to do. Apart from the engagement factor, the worksheets as teaching material promote contextual learning in the following ways:

  • Offer a variety of number comparison problems to solve
  • Help understand the numeric relationships and their underlying results
  • Offer practice resource to hone their skills in comparing numbers
  • By solving worksheets as a group activity and with the employment of number talk sessions, worksheets can bring better ease in the process of comparing numbers
  • Teachers may use these worksheets as home assignments and project work, thus, kids can engage better in learning number comparisons.
  • Worksheets help kids organize their learning process (Kiesel, 2003), and pay attention to the specific topic rather than getting confused by all types of concept-feeding.
  • Increase students’ exposure to the curriculum and help teachers attain the curriculum’s objectives
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Having understood the importance of using worksheets for teaching number comparison, let’s take a look at the types of worksheets available for the purpose.

Types of worksheets that can build comfort with numeric comparisons

  • Problems on ‘find a smaller number’
  • Worksheets on ‘find the bigger number’ problems
  • Worksheets with problems based on put >, <, or = signs
  • Circle the set with a greater number of objects
  • Circle the set with the fewer number of objects
  • Pick ‘greater than’, ‘Smaller than’ or ‘equal to’ according to the relationship shown
  • Compare fractions, decimals, and place values

In fact, you can create worksheets with as many aims as possible. Let’s take a look at the worksheet ideas that can be of great help in teaching numbers comparison to young learners. You can download the free printable pdf versions as well from the links given below.

How to drive kids to do well with worksheets?

Children may find worksheets somewhat challenging if they are left to figure these out on their own. So, it is very much important to break the ice and introduce worksheets so that kids feel inclined to solve them. Some of the useful tips to drive kids into solving worksheets to master number comparison are:

1. Try to introduce worksheets in an engaging manner. You can pick a character say an animal or cartoon character and cultivate a story, where the character is confused between numbers and kids, are helping the character by solving the problem.

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2. Conduct number talks session. You can ask children about strategies and answers and let them write on the board; later they can copy the answer in the worksheet too.

3. Announce rewards. You can bring some engaging treats and rewards to gift the children when they complete the worksheet.

4. Conduct group discussion. You can conduct a group discussion among children and let them speak out the answers, or come up with solutions. They can also opine about the answer or strategy of other children and explain the reasoning in this process.

Wrapping up,

Comparing numbers becomes a lot more fun when kids have found an engaging way to practice the concept. Worksheets offer ample practice and variety in ways of solving problems making the child confident in number sense and numeric relationships.

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