8 Fun Holidays Activities for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners To Try

“The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on our blessings and seek out ways to make life better for those around us.”

For kids, the holidays are one of the exciting times of the year. They eagerly wait for holidays and plan to redeem their holidays by doing some amazing activities.

Vacations can be used as an opportunity to learn and enjoy time in a fun way but if the holidays were not planned meticulously, they can be boring and futile. To keep your kids entertained and occupied during the holiday season, you must plan your children’s holidays effectively. By planning your children’s holidays, you can make their holidays more memorable. Children can learn many useful things at home during holidays with activities.

Useful activities for preschoolers for their holidays

1. Arts & Craft

Art & Craft - Holiday activity

Creating some crafts and creative arts is a very interesting way to make your kids’ holidays memorable. There are many ways to create art during holidays. Some kids make drawings some create puzzles and some kids make beautiful dresses and ornaments for their toys like dolls teddy bears etc.

2. Experiments with science

Experiments with science - Holiday activity

Science is a practical subject that relates to our daily life subject it doesn’t make kids feel boredom and it is exciting to perform easy experiments with the help of science. They not only play with science but also can learn through their experiments which will help them in their studies. Children can perform solid, liquid, and gas experiments by collecting all states of matter or homemade clay dough, rainbow in glass, etc.

3. Visit museums or historical monuments

Visit museums or historical monuments - Holiday activity

In today’s world of technology, YouTube, and the internet the idea of taking your kids to visit educational museums and historical sites may be looking boring but it carries so much significance. It develops critical thinking in your child when they think about the historical events and the things they saw in museums. The majority of museums offer kid-focused displays that encourage participation in creative activities.

4. A to Z Scavenger hunt game

A to Z Scavenger hunt game - Holiday activity

A to Z Scavenger Hunt is an effective method to get kids involved in active learning. It is a good approach to teach children through games, and a scavenger hunt is one of the unique and entertaining methods to help your kids in attaining some crucial life learnings such as reading, reasoning, and team spirit, as well as getting some beneficial mental and physical activity.

An individual or a team can compete in a scavenger hunt by gathering all the items from a list to see who can gather the most. Winners are determined by who collects all items on the list first.

The children get many benefits from playing scavenger hunts. They can learn teamwork while finding items with the help of hints. It also helps the kids to learn reasoning and also sharpens their minds.

5. Making a Family Tree

Making a Family Tree - Holiday activity

Remembering the name of the relation is always a tough task but by making a family tree it is fun to learn the names of different relations. Requirements include a chart paper pen or a sketch pen to draw their family tree. By drawing a family tree, the kid will learn different relations of the family. Family trees give students a personal connection to and interest in the study of the history of their family.

It also enhances the personal identity of a child. Family trees serve as visual representations of our origins and identities. A child who learns about his ancestry may experience feelings of pride and belonging. A youngster may be introduced to role models from his blood through even a simple family tree, whom he might admire and try to be like.

6. Marble Painting

Marble Painting - Holiday activity

Marble painting is another engaging holiday activity for your children. It serves many benefits. First of all, it strengthens your kids’ muscles when they try to balance the marbles. It also helps in developing creative skills when kids choose marbles of different colors. It can be tailored according to your child’s requirements, and they can decide how they wish to carry out the activity.

7. Going to a Picnic

Going to a Picnic - Holiday activity

Picnic is one the exciting occasion for kids. Picnic allows the children to enjoy themselves with family and relatives. Picnic develops special family bonds. It also improves the mental health of kids It has been demonstrated that being outside lowers anxiety levels and the activity of brain regions linked to mental disorders.

8. Writing a letter to Santa

Writing a letter to Santa - Holiday activity

Santa is the character who is loved by every kid. Every kid always has a dream that on the eve of Christmas Santa will come and he will give them a beautiful Christmas gift. Many children practice sending letters to Santa throughout the Christmas season. It is a holiday activity that children will like and find exciting.


Kids love the holidays. Everyone has different plans for their holidays. Some plan to visit their native village some plan to go to hill stations etc. we have covered some most amazing activities in this blog that not only fascinates students but also enhance their personalities and mental reasoning. You can follow any of these activities for your children and we are sure that it will help your student to make his holiday more memorable and knowledgeable.

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