7 Online Literature Games For Little Aspirants

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Literature comprises text and poems. To understand literature, one needs to develop reading and comprehension skills. Students do take the help of books and worksheets to practice literary skills, but the lack of gamification factor may not encourage them to practice as required.

The researches reveal that gadgets and online assets like games, applications have grappled the learners by the sheer ease and fun quotient offered. That is why technology-in-education tools like online games have attained the reputation of a trail-blazing idea that can draw children to ample practice. Keeping with the trend and growing demand for online games, we have curated in this post literature games available for free and suitable for all age groups.

In this post, we intend to walk you through:

  • Benefits of playing literature games online
  • List of top 7 online literature games for all
  • Conclusion

So, here we start!

Benefits of playing literature games online

Technology in education has become a matter of study among researchers. In the quest to make literacy skills development easier and fun, educators always look for the most feasible and engaging solutions. Among many tools to teach and learn, online literature games serve the purpose most interestingly as the learners can derive the following benefits from those:

  • Improve cognition, mind-hand coordination and concentration, and eventually helps maintain brain’s agility
  • Play’s elements known for teaching self-learning, adherence to rules and trying to achieve better results in limited time come readily with online games designed for teaching literature concepts
  • Motivation to participate voluntarily by children eases the job of teachers; they don’t require to force kids to study when they have game-based study material as teaching tool
  • Online literature games offer learning-focused tool to people who need to master English as Second Language
  • These can help improve basic word skills like spelling and vocabulary, pronunciation, reading fluency, etc.

Top 7 Online Literature Games For Little Learners

1. Where the sidewalk ends

Where the sidewalk ends is a collection of stories and poems. This work was created and published in 1974 and was an impressive account of various issues that children at an early age face. This online game is based on various sentences that readers might come across in the story. Using that knowledge, the learners take on the challenge of finishing this crossword puzzle.

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The basic aim of the game is to stimulate the learners’ minds so that they can recall what they read in the story. If the children face memory issues, the hints and word bank are provided as support. With the help of such supporting features, an early literature learner can be made comfortable with sentence formation, memory recall and also, spelling-building. In addition, the learners can enrich their quick thinking and vocabulary repertoire, too, by playing this game regularly.

App Link: Web App

2. Diamante Poems Writing Game

Mastering vocabulary is a must for any reading beginner or the people who employ English as Second Language. Poems are an important part of literature. Diamante’s poems are based on the idea of writing poems; but minus the rhyming that is a typical aspect of a poem.

In fact, it is a vocabulary-building game where the learner needs to select a topic and its exact opposite. Once the topic and its opposite are chosen, they are supposed to fill Diamante with ‘ing’ words of the topic, its adjectives, and so on. Thus, the overall result is improved word reasoning and better knowledge of various forms of a chosen word. You can also design a diamante of your own by using verbs as the topic, for instance.

App Link: Web App

3. Henry and the Sugar Bugs Reading Game

Henry and the Sugar Bugs is an interesting story that kids can relate to easily. This reading game is based on this fictional story where Henry is a boy who is learning to brush teeth. The story is woven around the reasons why one should brush, and it also tells about what foods can cause tooth decay.

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The game provides two options – first, the story is to be read to the child, and second, the child will read the story by the self. Thus, the learners can get the requisite help as per the need. The reading web app presented in a gamified manner with an interesting backdrop easily attracts children and pictures improve visual memory too. It is the perfect online literature game to equip young kids with basic reading skills.

App Link: Web App

4. David Copperfield Letterfall

Once you are confident of your reading skills, you can start checking your knowledge about various famous novels written by legendary writers from the past. The work of such writers who existed centuries back is taught to literature students even in current times; and thus, forms the essence of this online letter fall game. The learners can derive multiple advantages including motor skills, cognition, and spelling-building ease by trying to do better in this game.

App Link: Web App

5. Word Search

Word search game is an interesting intervention used for building reasoning skills. It can remind you of the word puzzles you usually find in puzzle books and newspapers. This game is based on the Huckleberry Finn story. To solve this word search puzzle, you need not learn the book by heart, however.

The clues given are based on the elements and situations that appear in the story. Thus, the benefits like concept recall, memory boost, and enhanced logical-mathematical intelligence add to the fun of playing this word search online literature game.

App link: Web App

6. Wuthering Heights Speedy Speller

Wuthering Heights is a world-famous novel that is included in the curriculum of literature students in most countries. Its gripping story must have kept you glued to the book, but now it is time to find how much you know about it. Play this online speedy speller game based on the words that appear in this novel.

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The cues are provided in the form of audio; hence, the game can help you build and improve your listening comprehension skills. Playing rounds of this online game can improve your literature knowledge and make you more comfortable with English than before.

App Link: Web App

7. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Tales for children have some signature characters and props that are typical to them. One of the most important utilities of reading any literary material lies in building vocabulary. Alice in Wonderland is full of elements that one can find in daily life too. Thus, playing this online literature game based on this iconic book can help you add a lot of new words to your lexicon.

Listen to the cue and select the corresponding figure. You will see a considerable boost in associative memory, event recall, and knowledge about things of daily utility. Speedier you play, the stronger the memory may become as it helps quicken information retrieval.

App Link: Web App


Make the best of online literature games and employ these in developing your language skills. Right from the sight words to vocabulary build-up, every aspect of language development becomes easier to master with these interesting games. With an engaging backdrop and smooth gameplay, the learners can focus entirely on grasping literary skills. Also, these can offer you a fun-filled activity to do with your kids.

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