7 Fun Team Building Games For Teachers To Play Online

An organization must work together as a whole to deliver expected results. An efficient team can make this process easier and more effective than if done alone. Teams that can’t work together as one are not able to achieve outcomes easily. In addition, they are unable to develop new strategies promptly when challenges arise and need immediate help. Team building is an essential element for an organization to succeed. Exercises, activities, and games may help to build a good bond amongst the members of a team.

Building a stronger team starts with developing trust and building relationships which is key in educational institutions. Team building games are more popular with organizations with diverse workforces and teamwork challenges like in schools where the entire staff has to work as a team to nurture a good and healthy learning environment for the children.

Team building games can help improve the performance of teams by developing skills in leadership, communication, and teamwork. It is often used to help develop skills that can be applied to the workplace environment. 

In this post, you’ll find simple, interactive online team-building games that don’t require too much thinking.

What is effective teamwork of teachers in schools?

There are a few key elements to effective teamwork among teachers. First, it is important to have a shared vision and purpose for the team. This will help to focus the team and keep everyone working towards the same goal.

Secondly, it is important to have good communication among team members. This means being able to share ideas and concerns openly and working together to find solutions.

Lastly, it is important to have respect for each other and to value each other’s contributions. When everyone feels respected and valued, they are more likely to be motivated and invested in the team’s success. 

Working effectively in a team takes practice and patience, but it is worth it when everyone is working together towards a common goal.

To create an effective team of teachers, it is important to ensure that all members feel valued and supported. Each teacher should feel that they are an integral part of the team and that their individual skills and strengths are being utilized. By working together and supporting one another, teachers can create a positive and successful learning environment for all students.

There are many challenges that teachers face when trying to work together effectively. One challenge is time. Teachers are often working in different classrooms, which can make coordinating schedules difficult.

In this article let us look at some online games for teachers where they can have a fun time and also foster an environment of team spirit. 

Online team-building games for teachers

Online team-building games are virtual events designed to build a feeling of being together in a group through communication, goal-setting, and cooperation.

1. Skribbl 


Skribbl is an online version of Pictionary where one has to draw each picture using the cursor.  Each team member gets a chance to draw a generated word and everyone else tries to guess what the word is. Team members collect points with each correct guess in the allotted time, and the members with the highest score win.

One can create a private game room for the team. Customization is possible here. One can choose how long the team has to guess each picture, how many rounds to play, and even input their own words or phrases that the team will have to draw. 

2. Two Truths and a Lie 

A classic party game that can be played through video conferencing. The team members get together on a video conferencing platform. Each member takes turns telling the others three intriguing facts about themselves, two of which are false.

 The other members try to guess which is the single truth from the two false ones. The game continues with each member doing the same.

 This is a great game for some fun and can be an ice breaker too. It helps one to know the teammates better and lightens the atmosphere. 

3. Scattergories


This is the online variant of the popular word game categories. It can be played by multiple players and is more enjoyable as a team-building exercise if the whole group can team up into twos or threes.

By turns, the players have to pick categories from the given list, or even create their own. One can choose as many categories as they wish. The Scattergories site will randomly pick a letter for each player. There are some blanks displayed on the screen. The blank has to be filled in with a word that starts with that particular letter in the given time frame. One can play any number of rounds. Once the blanks are filled the player scores a point. The player with the maximum points wins. 

It is a challenging game as one has to immediately think of words beginning with a letter and pertaining to a particular category. The time limit adds to the thrill in the game. 

4. Codename


This is the free online version of the board game with the same name. There are two teams, a red team, and a blue team. Players are divided into these two teams. Each team picks up code names for themselves. The players of the opposite team try to identify to whom the codenames belong. The player has to choose from the given grid of code names. 

A spymaster is present who gives the clues to guess this. The spymaster also decides how many guesses are permitted. The team that gets the maximum guesses right is the winner.

The fun element of the game is observing how the teammates’ minds work and how they associate each word with a person. The game is interesting because it helps everyone bond, get together to solve the clues and help their team win.

5. Drawception

This game will surely elicit many laughs and provide a stress-free atmosphere. Guessing and an interpretation game, drawception is an innovative game. 

A player draws a phrase that is suggested. (e.g., a girl on an island, or a star in a teacup). A random player describes the drawing according to what he or she interprets it as. For example, a girl on an island may look like a girl sleeping on a mat to them. That description is passed to another player to draw. The player draws whatever interpretation he or she can derive of it and is then passed on to the next. The next player gives the description. The steps are repeated till there are about ten drawings. Thereafter all the descriptions are compared to the first drawing made. This is a perfect game for a team as it shows the importance of right communication through a hilarious game. 

6. Perudo


Perudo is a very popular game in Mexico and Chile. It is a game of bluffing and pushing your luck. A popular party game, the online version provides fun equally. 

 In a game of Perudo, players hide their dice under their cups. All of them then engage in a battle of nerves while they attempt to call out potential combinations of numbers purely by guesswork. All the while one will never know the full picture of what other players may be concealing. As there are a pair of dice, the number of combinations is endless which adds to the fun. This game also tests one’s patience and memory as one has to remember the previous guesses. This adds to the challenge. 

 It is a very entertaining game and can be a conversation starter.

7. Photo from your life

In this virtual game, each team member is asked to talk about their life in an image taken on their phone. It could be a location, a landmark, a favorite object, a chosen hobby, or a  pet. Then the image is shared with the rest of the team with an explanation of the significance and story behind the image. 

This online team-building game is a thoughtful way to present a more personal side to the team members who may not know much about one another.


When it comes to being a teacher, there are a lot of important facets to the job. One of the most important aspects of being a teacher is working well with others. After all, teachers are often working with a team of other teachers in order to provide the best education possible for their students. 

Team-building games can be a great way for teachers to get to know one another and to build strong working relationships. The games mentioned above will help to build the base for a strong sense of being in a team and working towards a common goal.

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