7 Online Tutoring Services For Dyslexia

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Kids might need a different kind of help at times since our conventional education system may not be the perfect fit for every child including those who have a learning disorder like dyslexia. Therapeutic online mentoring is an answer for young kids who are experiencing challenges in learning and accomplishing their full potential in school. 

Yet, each child is unique, and so are their needs, and that’s why the method of learning may need a personalized touch in the case of Dyslexic students. Online tutoring services can be a quality strategy for parents concerned about their dyslexic child’s education. Moreover, research[1] by Chai Jing and Chwen Jen Chen concludes that when multiple technologies improve the learning of individuals with dyslexia. The assistive technologies cover the roles of aiding reading, writing, memory, and mathematics.

In this post, we will talk about the various online tutoring services for dyslexia, and how a parent or an educator chooses the best service for their ward.  

Picking the best online tutoring services for dyslexia – what should you consider?

It’s pretty challenging to discover and connect with a precise and trusted online tutoring service to deal with a child with dyslexia with care. Each child can have different and unique needs, and to help them with their struggles, we need an efficient tutoring service with a meticulous approach.

So, here are a few points you need to keep in mind while searching for an online tutoring service for a dyslexic child:

  • Tutors should have an in-depth understanding of Dyslexia.
  • The course and approach should be well organized, caring, and intuitive.
  • Creative teaching methods.
  • Dedicated approach to the needs of each student.
  • Helpful in overall growth by different teaching and learning strategies.
  • The course explicitly based on personal learning requirements.
  • Should take care of the child so that he/she can access and understand the course with specified standards.
  • Complete support to students in acquiring functional and integrated strategies employing academics.
  • Providing student reports based on performance.

What services are available in online tutoring platforms for people with dyslexia? 

Students or people with dyslexia or any other learning disability can get specialised online tutoring services which are truly helpful to make them learn in an easy and efficient way. 

Online tutoring services for dyslexia typically use a multimedia-based digital curriculum. These use multisensory techniques, along with other methods to build their reading and comprehension abilities.

Typically they depend on screen-sharing and talk (either text or video) technology. Furthermore, a few platforms have virtual “homerooms” set up with additional highlights. Contingent upon how each mentor likes to function, there might be pre-taped video illustrations alongside live highlights. Intuitive activities, for example, word games and different drills, might be part of a few platforms, contingent upon the grade level and specialty they feature.

List of online tutoring services focusing on dyslexia

1. Online Reading Tutor

Online Reading Tutor is a popular and beneficial tutoring service for students or people regardless of their age or grade. Their service employs the well-known Orton-Gillingham direct approach to those who are struggling with reading, writing, or spelling. 

Online Reading Tutor is a certified site by a top organization like the International Dyslexia Association, and this prestigious certification is an assurance of a well-researched program provided by experts.

The Service provider mainly focuses on five areas of learning that are crucial for dyslexic students. These five areas of learning are phonics, phonemic knowledge, vocabulary enhancement, fluency, and reading comprehension.

Other than these, this online reading tutor has the following benefits:

  • There are flexible time schedules to opt from.
  • Tutors are giving lessons, and they constantly monitor the student’s progress as well.
  • There are different price plans for prospective learners to choose from according to their needs.

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2. Dyslexia Connect

Dyslexia Connect is another online tutoring service provider where students don’t need to lock themselves in a long-term contractual association, and if any student wishes to leave, they may do so. 

All the tutors are well-trained and use a multisensory approach to form a clear concept of letters and sounds. Dyslexia Connect provides you with a facility where the same tutor will instruct the student, and this will allow them to understand the needs of the student.

  • Their plans are flexible and allow tutors to reinforce the lesson plans.
  • All the plans are one-on-one check-ins with students.
  • Tutors are well-trained to understand specific need-based approaches.

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3. Great Leaps

Great Leaps specializes in providing online tutoring services for K-12 students who have not reached the fifth-grade reading level. Tutors are trained in multiple methods to create an individual approach to take care of phonics, fluency, reading comprehension, and many other things. 

Great Leaps matches tutors and students based on specific needs and availability. They also provide short but frequent session services rather than long and boring sessions. Apart from this, parents and students can choose their own tutor, as per their schedule. 

The online program focuses on reading fluency, speaking fluency, and comprehension along with the option to evaluate their progress from the first day. 

  • They offer students a free 15-minute session to have a reading screening and consult
  • Family can choose a tutor if they wish to.
  • There are multiple plans to select from, and occasionally they run a discount offer for the first month of tutoring with them.

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4. Lexercise

Lexercise is a service provider that initiates multiple programs for students to integrate games and activities. They provide a fun learning approach with a healing kind of tutoring with fun and games techniques. 

Lexercise uses its own custom-designed programs to help students in improving their reading skills. This service provider focuses mainly on young kids and their individual and overall needs. This site provides two types of programs – self-guided and live-tutoring.

The self-guided lesson plan program is available to access in an online version (mostly pre-recorded sessions by experienced tutors) at a lower subscription fee. One-on-one tutoring with skilled and experienced tutors in a live and interactive program is also available at a little higher price.

  • This online tutoring service offers live tutoring and pre-recorded sessions which the parents or guardians can choose from. 
  • It offers a fun and game-based learning approach.
  • Customized programs are also available on the site.

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5. Wyzant

Wyzant online tutoring service for dyslexia is having an array of tutors who use certain methods and approaches to instruct the students. These different approaches allow them to associate the right match of student and tutor based on one’s needs and requirements.

Tutors have their profiles with their expertise and experience mentioned on them. Students can have one-to-one sessions with the tutors. This online service also has an option of meeting the tutor in person before beginning the sessions.

Wyzant offers a hassle-free procedure where the applicant needs to mention in which area they are struggling. The portal would next give out a list of available tutors catering in that area specifically. The parents and students can now select the best tutor for them, and start their process of learning. 

  • The site provides a web-based classroom facility for tutors and students to interact with each other.
  • Tutors have their own different rates based on the subject and people can choose them according to their needs. The first hour is free if the student is not happy or satisfied.

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6. Pride Reading Program

For people who are looking for a bit of an independent method of learning for dyslexic students, the Pride Reading Program offers them consultation and a matching system that pairs the best-fit combination of tutors and students. 

Families can get a free recommendation service where they can work with instructors to customize the program. This online service also provides e-books that complement the teaching guide. These e-books contain words, decodable stories, writing comprehension, and much more. 

Apart from this, the online service provides an easy-to-follow teaching guide that provides a map of how students would be taught, and much more, so that parents can get an idea of the teaching service. 

Apart from this, they also offer:

  • Free service where a customized program can be created
  • They also have screen-sharing options and chat-based interactive sessions.
  • They take care of the unique needs of each student.
  • Self-guided and live session plans are available to learn from.

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7. EBL Coaching

EBL Coaching is a center that helps your child with cutting-edge dyslexia plans. EBL coaching uses the Orton-Gillingham approach and multisensory techniques to build a dyslexic child’s basic reading fluency. 

They have need-based programs to offer according to your child’s needs. EBL Coaching offers one-to-one tutoring for children in reading, writing, math, and much more. The teaching program at this online service is highly individualized, with personalized plans for each student that are customized as per their needs.

EBL Coaching gives an option of a free demo to the students with a tutor of their choice where parents can evaluate and assess whether or not the program would be beneficial for their kids. 

  • They are experts in providing prescriptive tutorial programs for each child.
  • The program offers monthly progress reports.
  • They also have an option to choose a tutor.

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How can online tutoring help children with dyslexia?

Mostly, online tutoring service providers give you the option to select a tutor so that you can pick according to your needs and budget. The Child can learn from the same tutor, and a kind of bonding develops between tutor and student making learning better. Moreover, children develop a comfortable space with their tutors, which makes them attend sessions more regularly. Therefore, online tutoring services that offer one permanent tutor can be highly advantageous and nifty for a student with special needs. 

On top of that, these services provide a detailed monthly progress report to let you know if learning and progress are happening and where the student is lagging behind.

Next up, there are multiple price ranges to pick from. This is so that everyone and anyone can utilize these services and pay according to their pockets. These tutorials have an array of experts and experienced tutors specifically to teach and help struggling students with reading issues.


While selecting these online tutoring services for Dyslexia, we tried to emphasize real-and-true methods and approaches. Many of these providers use popular dyslexia learning methods like the Orton-Gillingham approach and the Barton reading system. Moreover, they hire their tutors accordingly. 

As we talked about in our previous posts about the O-G Method, the Orton-Gillingham Tutoring method is the oldest and most trusted to teach dyslexic students. With modern technology and some of the best approaches, the main objective of these online tutoring services is to help people find a reliable and helpful service for students with learning disabilities like dyslexia. By choosing this added support of online tutoring services, you can help your child feel more confident, calm, and successful in life. 

If at all we missed out on any great online tutoring service, do let us know in the comments bar so that it can help out other readers as well!  


  1. A Research Review: How Technology Helps to Improve the Learning Process of Learners with Dyslexia. (2017, November). Chai Jing. https://doi.org/10.33736/jcshd.510.2017

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