10 Fun Rain Books For Preschoolers

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As we all know, the three essential elements for survival are water, food, and air. The most important element is water, almost 70% of the earth is covered with water. However, teaching these statistics and environmental knowledge to preschoolers is indeed tricky. The best thing that educators can adopt to teach kids about rain specifically is to take the help of books about rain. 

These books consist of several rhymes, poems, fun activities, and reading passages that will teach preschoolers many things about rain. Children get an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the onset of monsoon, season changes, and the importance of rain for the ecosystem. For preschoolers, rain books can be the chief source to provide knowledge, information, and entertainment for their curious minds. These books not only brighten their minds about rain but also enhance their thinking and form practical connections to rain. 

Find below the interactive books that can engage kids in fun activities all the while learning about rain.

Interesting books to teach rain and its concepts

Various methods are used by teachers and parents to teach the concept of rain. However, some books can be of good help to make students understand the entire season. Check out some of the helpful books equipped with classic illustrations and easy-to-read fonts.

1. Rain, Snow or Shine: A Book about the Weather

Rain, Snow or Shine: A Book about the Weather

Penned by popular children’s book publishing firm June and Lucy kids, Rain, snow, or Shine is another wonderful contribution to the bookshelves. The story follows Radar, the weather dog with his owner as they move around the city navigating the weather variations. Apart from different seasons, the book also sheds ample light on temperature variations, water cycles, and monsoons. 

The books offer interactivity, are filled with engaging imagery, and provide exciting information about rain. The vocabulary and connotations used are simple, straightforward, and easy for preschoolers to understand by themselves. As the book offers information on various topics related to rain, it keeps children focused and builds a sense of curiosity for the readers.

2. Put On Your Rain Pants: A Book About Enjoying the Rain and Embracing the Weather

 Put On Your Rain Pants: A Book About Enjoying the Rain and Embracing the Weather

The children’s book author Pamela Couch has once again created a happy learning platform with this book. It is one of the helpful companions for preschoolers to learn about rain while staying indoors. The story focuses on the knowledge and excitement rain provides for young kids. 

Moreover, it teaches the younglings about the fun and the sense of adventure that comes along with the monsoon. Thus, the essence of learning is instilled in the information provided along with the beautiful pictures. While the book focuses on teaching how to embrace the weather, children also get an opportunity to connect with the pictures and visualize the season simply by reading.

3. Rain Before Rainbows

Rain Before Rainbows

Encompassing the storyline with vibrant pictures and a warm storyline teaches kids many new lessons about life. Furthermore, the rain is the central character along with moral values of courage, acceptance, and moving on. The story revolves around a girl and a fox who accompanies her along the journey. 

Throughout her journey, she comes around with new companions and lessons about the monsoon. The highlight of the book is its magnificent illustrations which are realistic and surreal to look at. Such a book enables kids to connect with nature and approach rain practically. The book clearly teaches the appearance of a rainbow after heavy rains and thunderstorms.

4. Singing in the Rain

Singing in the Rain

Singing in the rain, not just the book but the activity is very popular nowadays. The book gives the complete essence of reading a broadway show on paper. The pictures in the book are fluid and dynamic allowing the kids to understand the importance of rain in a fun and exciting way. 

Interestingly, the pages are filled with familiar images of kids playing in the rain. Dancing, splashing, and singing in the rain is something that every kid reading it, will feel the need to do. The rhymes are quite catchy and kids get an opportunity to recite them easily without any guidance or supervision. 

5. Worm Weather

Worm Weather

Rains are always an enriching experience that every kid can cherish. As the name suggests, the book is all about two kids walking along the garden enjoying their time in the rain. The information provided in the book portrays not just the rains, but also the many ecological changes during the monsoon. 

In this book, the kids come across many worms and flowers that are unique to the monsoon. Such a book is helpful to enrich the kid’s knowledge about the environment and the happiness rain brings along for everyone. Moreover, they get a chance to understand various changes that occur in the environment and surroundings during this specific season.

6. The Wonder Of Thunder: Lessons From A Thunderstorm

The Wonder Of Thunder: Lessons From A Thunderstorm

Thunder always brings about a little scare but in this book, it brings about a sense of wonder and fulfillment. The central character of the book is Sally Storm who is fun and loving and teaches the readers about the many exciting aspects of rain. 

Teachers and parents receive a useful resource to plan their lessons around the topic. The knowledge imparted in the story constitutes rains, storms, thunder, and lightning. The pictures are innovative and colorfully vibrant. Kids will have a great time reading the book and learning a lot about the rains. 

7. On a Rainy Day

On a Rainy Day

This is an important book for kids to understand the entire day filled with rain. The book revolves around the story of a father teaching his daughter the fun of playing in the rain. It is an inspiring and affectionate way to tell a story. The father is trying to teach her the importance of expecting innocence and having fun in the present. The images convey the true meaning of a beautiful relationship and learning the value of rain. 

With such a book, children get an opportunity to learn a lot about rain and monsoon while enjoying their time at home and reading the stories with their parents. It also showcases the importance of the knowledge that is provided through the text and bright pictures. 

8. Who Likes Rain?

Who Likes Rain?

Winner of the 2008 Bank Street- Best Children’s Books of the Year, it teaches young readers about the fun that comes along with rain. Not just humans, many small insects, worms, and animals love rain and they come out in the open to enjoy it. 

The imagery showcases the beautiful and warm emotions of animals that kids can relate to as well. The story motivates the readers to enjoy their time in the rain and explore the good time that they can have in the open. 

9. A Drop Around the World

A Drop Around the World: The Science Of Water Cycles On Planet Earth For Kids

A book for everyone, it teaches something to every reader. The readers get to travel throughout the globe with the story. Along their journey, they will be circumnavigating the earth following a drop of water. The drop is the symbol of knowledge here, providing the kids with relevant detailing with rhymes and poetic expression. 

Moreover, the beauty that comes along with rain and everything in the environment makes kids happy to be a part of the moment. It can also be used as the medium for homeschooling kids while teaching them about the importance of rain. 

10. All About Weather: A First Weather Book for Kids

All About Weather: A First Weather Book for Kids

Rain is an interesting subject to teach young kids to understand weather, seasons, and climate. Readers will get adequate information about the four seasons and how the formation of clouds and rain process. 

It amalgamates science and ecstatic imagery to teach young readers more about rains, rainbows, and storms. The facts and prominent scientific data make the book an evergreen read for all ages. Children also get to learn about rhyme schemes, punctuation marks, and verbal recitation.

Why is it important to teach about rain?

Rain is a natural process however, it involves geographical and scientific processes. It is crucial for kids to understand how rainwater is not just water but the collective process of nature.

  • The monsoon season is complicated to understand as kids might be thrilled to know how water falls from the sky. Hence, it is important to impart accurate geographical knowledge about rain. 
  • When you teach about rain, children also get to understand the various elements of nature. They get a chance to connect with the oceans, sunshine, and clouds. The basic process helps them understand the process behind the rain.
  • Monsoon also brings along ecological changes in weather, dancing of peacocks, arrivals of frogs and worms, and various changes in the surrounding. Hence, teaching rain makes children understand the important environmental changes.
  • Research suggests that books are helpful to promote the concept of clouds as children get to understand the connection between rainwater and clouds. Children are bound to have misconceptions about rain being water but certain books help boost their knowledge and clarify their misunderstanding about the seasonal changes. It also suggests that picture books help children compare the size of clouds and understand their appearance. 


While teachers and parents may use various teaching approaches, these books act as helpful guides and honest friends to the kids. They replenish their knowledge regarding rain. The content is targeted specifically at preschoolers and is written by established authors. Kids get to inhabit practical fodder for their brains and understand rain as an integral constituent of the environment and ecology. 

Additionally, books help them process information and involve their minds in critical thinking. Books are useful to mold children into wise and intelligent individuals. For young minds, reading rain books is an efficient way to develop positive thinking and thought processes. Thus, kids possess a bright and dynamic imaginary power after reading rain books.

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