Importance Of Art Integration In Education

Art Integration Lesson plan

Are you tired of dry, boring classes that leave students yawning and struggling to stay awake? If so, art integration in education might be just what you need! Imagine learning about the solar system by creating a beautiful, colorful model of the planets or exploring historical events through a dramatic play. That’s the power of … Read more

Printable Math and Art Integration Lesson Plan [PDF Included]

Math and art integration lesson plan

Why is math a tricky subject for many students? It is because many math concepts are abstract and do not have any physical or concenter representation. This makes it difficult for students, especially young children, to understand these concepts because the ability to think abstractly develops gradually as one matures. Art can play a vital … Read more

6 Art Integration Examples To Understand How It Works

art integration learning examples

A few years ago, art was merely considered an extracurricular subject, with one or two weekly sessions to help kids learn art techniques. But now, there is much more awareness about how art can help students understand core academic concepts. As a result, schools and educators are focusing more on art-integrated learning so kids can … Read more

6 Strategies For Implementing Art Integrated Learning

Art integration is a teaching approach that involves the use of various art forms to teach core subjects to students. Through this approach, students develop an understanding of vital concepts by engaging creatively with activities that seamlessly blend art with other subjects in the curriculum. This helps them meet learning objectives in both fields of … Read more