Dyslexia and Language Disorders (Receptive & Expressive)

Dyslexia and developmental language disorders

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON JUNE 04, 2022 Language-based disorders may often vary from one another on the basis of a few signs and symptoms. Dyslexia and Receptive and expressive language disorders are a few of language-linked inabilities. As the name hints, Receptive disorder is linked with comprehension complications, and expressive difficulties are about speaking or … Read more

8 Awesome Expressive Language Skills Activities

expressive language activities

 A person’s expressive language allows them to communicate their wants, needs, thoughts, and opinions. Some children along with the learning disabled may not be able to articulate their wants and needs, and thereby may face personal challenges. In this scenario, they may need a set of learning sessions and creative strategies to enhance their expression.  … Read more

Expressive Language Skills Checklist [PDF Included]

Expressive language checklist

The use of words, sentences, and gestures to communicate ideas and send messages to others is known as expressive language. Being able to categorize items in the environment, explain activities and events, make decisions, ask questions, and answer inquiries are all examples of expressive language skills.  Comprehending the definition may not be enough to determine … Read more