10 Best Activities For Improving Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence Activities

Want to boost your Linguistic intelligence but can’t reckon how? Well, it’s not quite an ordeal. Linguistic intelligence is the ability to comprehend, communicate, and reason utilizing concepts framed in words.  On a broader note, linguistic intelligence is more so associated with abstract reasoning, problem-solving, and working memory span. Individuals with high linguistic intelligence take … Read more

9 Practical Examples Of Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic Intelligence Examples

Human beings are unique in having a language to communicate. Other species make sounds of various kinds but it is humans only that have a structured language used to express ideas and emotions. This ability to form words in mind, and speak and write prolifically is called linguistic intelligence. This specialty serves the need to … Read more

Characteristics of Linguistic Intelligence

Linguistic intelligence characteristics

Have you ever felt how you can speak and write so fluently? This is because of the Linguistic Intelligence you have developed. This personality trait is a component of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence hypothesis that deals with an individual’s capacity to comprehend both spoken and written language. Linguistic intelligence is of utmost significance when it … Read more