10 Examples Of Rote Learning In Everyday Life

Repeat, repeat, and repeat again: repetition is the cornerstone to rote learning, whether your toddler reads the material out loud or writes it down several times. While there are several forms of learning and grasping a set of information, a lot of students still rely on this technique of learning for memorization and absorbing knowledge.  … Read more

Difference Between Rote Counting And Rational Counting

Rote counting vs Rational counting

Kids start experiencing numbers very early and gradually understand number sense through routine talks. Even before going to kindergarten, children know the very basics of counting, like 1-2-3. These kids can even tell their age, how many fingers are on their hand, how many toes and etc. But are they able to count is the … Read more

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rote Learning

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rote Learning

Children need to adopt a variety of ways to internalize basic skills. One of the ways commonly adopted by children is rote learning. Rote learning is basically learning by repetition. Children repeat alphabets and learn to rote count in the prescribed sequence, and further, the multiplication tables too. They are made to do so until … Read more