8 Cool Games for Adults to brush up Math Skills

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Learning has no age limit. And, when it comes to math, even a lifetime of learning is not enough sometimes. Math is one such subject that refuses to lose its relevance no matter which phase of life you are in. Further, there are adults who face various co-morbidities associated with learning disorders[1]  and face difficulties even in the workplace, that make it imperative for them to keep their minds stimulated.

Math offers that stimulating element easily. While math books for adults are great to keep your mind stimulated, Various research suggests that learning math through games can keep adults, who are prone to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or other aging-related issues, more active and confident in their daily matters effectively. So, whether the reason is to make a comeback in the field of maths, or to adjust to the changing capabilities of the mind, the use of math games for adults is quite recommendable.

How effective are math games for adults?

The Gamification of the learning method has caught up even in the corporate world’s training programs. The importance of gamification of learning procedures is found to have amazing benefits:

  • Better awareness of the attributes[2] of any specific environment: Games are designed using some specific attributes and backdrop elements. Thus, the users of games like math games find it easy to learn and work with a given set of tools and processes.
  • Increased ability to concentrate[3]: Games are designed in a time-pressed manner to help the players concentrate on playing and winning them. Thus, this attitude continues to spell success in other spheres of life too.
  • Drives interest in exploring more ideas, more deeply: Math learning can become more interesting when the zeal towards learning is more driven in nature. This high engagement factor[4] comes to adult learners strongly when they play math games. It also shows a positive impact on the attitude towards work assigned to them.

So, why not try games based on math concepts and make your adult brain more active and driven toward learning? If this idea appeals to you, take a look at these online math games and gaming apps for adults that help improve logic, reasoning, and mental math abilities.

Engaging online math-based games for adults

1. Brain Tuner – Memory Improvement Game

Brain Tuner - Memory Improvement Game

Memory tends to fade as we move toward adulthood. This issue can be avoided if the brain gets the requisite exercise. Cognition improvement[5] is one of the other benefits that one can derive from playing games that help strategic memory building. Brain tuner provides all this and much more to help adults have that mental proficiency.

It requires the players to be well-conversed with mathematical operations and their corresponding roles. A quick turn of questions thrown one after the other keeps your thinking at pace and gives it the ideal workout needed to have that fantastic memory. So, after regular practice, when you find a good improvement in learning and memory retention capacity, you know who to thank!

Game Link: Web App

2. Math Exercises for the brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle

Math Exercises for the brain, Math Riddles, Puzzle

According to the book, ‘Principles of Cognitive Psychology, by Michael W. Eysenck, 2001, cognition is a collective outcome of memory, language, orientation skills, reasoning power, problem-solving, and assessment abilities. ‘Math Exercises for the brain’ is designed on this very principle and drives the players to stimulate their minds and thinking power to arrive at the solution.

The variety of game options and the pace offer ample mental workouts needed. You can find games for logic building, memory retention, recall, and puzzles, that not only help have a quality time pass but also offer good food to the brain.

Game Link: Playstore

3. Online Algebra Quizzes

Online Algebra Quizzes

Algebra is everywhere around us and is no more a secret. Look at its real-life uses and you will know! But, going back to what it looked like in terms of expressions and formulas, is something an adult may require revising while preparing for entry into some math-based field. This is where the online algebra quizzes prove their worth and give a stock full of exercises to give adults the required practice.

You can add more fun to the learning process by starting a competition with a kid or your friend, to find how smarter you have become with regular practice. It is a fine edutainment providing an online game that is focused on making adults pro in Algebra, just in case they missed devoting the required time to this part of classic math.

Game Link: Web App

4. True Number Operator

True Number Operator

A quick-paced game based on mathematical operations! Have you always been uncomfortable with doing math operations or feel that you lack pace in calculation? If yes, this is the game that can take the discomfort away and train you to do mental calculations like a computation geek.

This math game offers the adults a happening mix of questions and quizzes, that you need to solve within seconds. Such speed-based questions are designed to stimulate the brain so that it can be driven to do mental math with added comfort. Better results are achieved when you throw challenges and try to do them faster than the previous round. A complete hook for math lovers, this game sharpens memory, improves mental math, and also requires a display of exceptional motor skills so that you register the correct result each time.

Game Link: Web App

5. Let’s Reach 1000 ASAP

Let's Reach 1000 ASAP game

‘Let’s Reach 1000 ASAP’ game scores are certainly high on excite-o-meter as you will be asked to keep adding the single and double-digit numbers as fast as possible. The aim of this game is to reach the total figure of 1000 while solving all the questions thrown in the gameplay correctly. Every wrong answer takes you back to zero.

This is truly a challenging game that provides the right conditions to think faster and correctly. So, when nothing adds up around you and you are looking for a mind-twisting brain booster, you can consider playing this game and becoming a calculation expert.

Game Link: Web App

6. Math Brain Booster Games

Math Brain Booster Games

A variety of mind-stimulating math problems and quizzes provided in this game can bring a positive change in your memory, attention span, and logical reasoning abilities. Mental math problems of various types boost the thinking and evaluation capacity that tends to go down with age.

There are 7 training modes provided that coincide with the brain-boosting levels. You can pick the level of your choice or go slow as per your comfort level. The easy but paced problems based on mathematical operations allow you to pick up mental math faster, and make you a confident problem-solver eventually. This game is perfect for boosting cognition, calculation ability, logical reasoning, and other mental abilities.

Game Link: App Store

7. Math Games for Adults

Math Games for Adults

Fun and learning come wrapped together beautifully in this math game application for adults that gives your brain a thorough workout. Quick strategy, thinking, workouts, methods, and a deeper understanding of equations are employed to achieve the aims of the games provided in this app.

You get to master mathematical operations, build strong memory, use logical reasoning skills to solve equations, and refine the calculation skills using various games that make a complete math-improving package. So, when you want to train your brain to calculate, memorize, strategize, and become a commendable reasoning tool of yours, use this game as your learning tool.

Game Link: Playstore

8. Integer Pyramid

Integer Pyramid

Another interesting game for our adult math enthusiasts is the Integer Pyramid. In this game, Einstein brings you a super fun challenge where you must enter relevant integers to complete the number pyramid. Each number on the pyramid is the result of the addition of the numbers mentioned in the two bricks below. Keeping this in mind, as you solve this puzzle to find answers to all the empty bricks on the pyramid.

The idea behind this game is to reinforce the understanding of integers, which include zero and all other positive and negative numbers. Before playing this game, players should also brush up on their knowledge of integer operations like addition and subtraction of positive and negative numbers so they can swiftly and successfully complete the task. 

Game Link: Web App

To sum up,

Gamification[6] is one of the most talked-about methods that researchers propose to boost learning and cognitive abilities in people of all ages. The games for math skills mentioned above are designed for adults keeping the importance of gamification in mind. So, when the learner in you needs that extra support of fun, consider playing these math games that can make your brain smarter and a fast thinker.


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