10 Engaging Addition And Subtraction Games For Kindergarten

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In a world with accessible smartphones and the internet, online games are the rage. Everybody is playing them. Apart from recreational functions, online games can also serve educationally. The innovative graphics and the audio-visual elements that online games offer, make learning easy and fun, especially for children. 

Do online math games really work for kindergarten? 

On average, in the USA and Canada, children between the ages of 2 to 6 years attend kindergarten or preschool. Children in this age group are imaginative and creative. That is why they find it hard to concentrate on the traditional methods of learning maths like solving addition and subtraction worksheets.

kids playing smartphone games

Additionally, in the twenty-first century, kids grow up around mobile devices and video content. This is the reason why online games have the ability to work. They have a story, characters, and attractive setups that appeal to children. It helps with building concentration, curiosity, and a zeal to achieve scores.

Top 10 Addition and Subtraction games for kindergarten 

1. Little Panda Math Genius

Little Panda Math Genius

Education Game for Kids – This game is created by BabyBus. It uses a simple yet attractive design. For each correct answer, the user gets coins. Because of its interactive features, the game is appealing to children and keeps them interested in it. It also allows in-app purchases. 

  Game link: Play Store

2. Kindergarten Math

Kindergarten Math

Developed by teachers, this app has numerous games to keep kids entertained and interested in math. The games are not only limited to addition and subtraction but also target other areas of the math curriculum, such as time, odd and even numbers, ascending and descending order, etc. 

Kids will have a fun time while playing interactive games in this app because of its exciting gameplay and background music. So, if you have a 5- to 6-year-old at home and want to engage them in addition and subtraction games, you should definitely check this app out.

Game Link: Playstore

3. Addition and Subtraction

Addition and Subtraction

Designed by IDZ Digital Pvt. Limited, this game comes with several features to make learning easy and fun. It’s suitable for kids up to the age of 8. There are more than 350 games included in it and each one is structured differently.

Starting from simple addition and subtraction problems, it also has math puzzles and color-coordinated games. It is safe for kids and does not contain any ads. Additionally, you can also use the games offline by simply saving them beforehand.   

Game link: Play Store

4. Addition Subtraction for Kids

Addition Subtraction for Kids

Another great option that specifically targets addition and subtraction math problems is this teacher-approved app by Pavel Olegovich. The games in this app are quite popular among kindergarteners and first graders. Through these games, kids can practice problems up to 100 in different formats, such as classic math problems, time-based problems, ranking exercises, and more. There is also an option to have a contest between two players for a friendly math competition.

The app has a training reminder so kids can inculcate a regular habit of practicing math. Plus, it also features an error analysis tab, which kids can go through when they give a wrong answer. This can help them learn the correct solution and understand the subject better. The app may show a few ads in between, but that’s what keeps this free games app for kids up and running.

Game Link: Playstore

5. Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games

Rosi Mosi LLC has developed this game which contains much more than simple addition and subtraction. There are several features such as audio narration and sound effects which facilitate a child to have fun while learning. With this app, one can also learn counting, sorting, and measurement. Some of the advanced features include a detailed report of progress and the development of a specific plan for the child. It is suitable till the age of 7.

Game link: Play Store

6. Animal Math Kindergarten Math Games for Kids –

This game has been created by Eggroll Games. If you are familiar with Dora the Explorer, you will be delighted to know that the game uses a similar concept. Emma, the central character in the game, is a math explorer. She solves problems along with her pets Ralphie the cat and Oleg the owl. The characters and storyline make math practice lively and enthusiastic for kids. The reward structure in the game also helps in keeping children engaged. 

Game Link: Playstore

7. Simple Math

Simple Math

Developed by Easy Health, as the name of the game goes, it helps kids to learn the basics gradually. It has an attractive interface that creates a balance between education and entertainment. Contained within the app, you will also find video tutorials that explain how to play. There are several languages available such as French, German, Italian, and Arabic. This game has been designed by experts with the intention to make it stimulating for children.

Game Link: Playstore

8. Learning Addition and Subtraction

Learning Addition and Subtraction

Myra App has designed this simple yet attractive game to make it easier for children to learn addition and subtraction. Within each division, there are three levels. This feature also helps build healthy competitiveness in children. Additionally, the levels make it easier for kids to learn the process of addition or subtraction properly. 

Game link: Playstore

9. Monster Math

Monster Math

Created by Makkajai, this game has a creative interface. Maxx, the sweet and funny monster is the protagonist and the user learns through them. Along with addition and subtraction, the game also allows your child to practice tables and advanced math problems. The colorful graphics and adventures make it extremely fascinating for kids. It also has a practice mode for serious and rigorous sessions. 

Game Link: Playstore

10. Math: Addition and Subtraction

Math: Addition and Subtraction

Have your preschool-aged child play this game for 10-15 minutes consistently to see them master basic math operations like addition and subtraction. After they accomplish the desired results in these areas, have them practice concepts like time, more, less, and equal.

No, you won’t have to seek another gaming option to help your child learn them because these topics are also covered in this app. In a nutshell, this is a fun educational platform where little kids won’t feel the pressure of solving math and can learn it in a fun and casual way!

Game Link: Playstore

How to use these games for best results? 

Online addition and subtraction games can significantly help kindergarten goers in enhancing their interests and skills in mathematics. However, there are certain things that parents and teachers should keep in mind to maximize the outcome. Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts – 


  • Make sure you find the game that best suits your child or student. The best way to know that is by using the trial and error method. Try out different games and assess their behavior and performance.
  • Help them understand the game properly before you let them on their own. If they cannot figure out everything clearly, they might get distracted and uninterested. 
  • Keep track of the progress that they are making by checking their performance regularly. Through this knowledge, you can make modifications that will help them to achieve more. 
  • Have a routine for the child but make it flexible. If you try to force a mundane schedule on them, it will be no different from the traditional curriculum. 
  • Always encourage them at every small achievement to keep them motivated and excited about the game.


  • Keep in mind that you cannot use negative and violent behavior if the child faces any issues. Your aim should be conflict resolution. 
  • Make sure to add varieties to the gaming routine and not repeat the same games daily.
  • Don’t let the child spend excessive time on the phone. There should be a fine balance between their on-screen time and off-screen time. 

Summing Up

When clubbed with different learning models like manipulatives, fraction strips, and flashcards to learn addition and subtraction, math games can make learning fun and attractive. They are ideal for kindergarten students who are generally restless and have difficulty concentrating for a certain amount of time.

Children are creative and the only way to make mathematics fun to them is by presenting it to them as a game. Addition and Subtraction online math games can help your child get a grasp of the basics which are crucial.

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