Printable Addition And Subtraction Worksheets For Kindergarteners [PDF Included]

If you use stringent measures in teaching math, your youngster may reject the notion of studying the subject entirely. But we can’t just ignore it. Learning problem-solving skills is fundamental, and it is critical for parents to instill these in their children. In addition, learning mathematical abilities is vital for children because it helps them … Read more

Addition And Subtraction Using Fraction Strips (Step By Step)

Addition & Subtraction using fraction strips

Have you ever done additions or subtractions of fractions? If yes, then you will have a wonderful revision today.  Fraction strips are rectangular pieces of distinct parts of a whole equal number. It comes in numerous colors, shapes, and sizes. One needs to take out a whole number or a definite value by addition or … Read more

10 Engaging Addition And Subtraction Games For Kindergarten

Addition And Subtraction Games For Kindergarten

In a world with accessible smartphones and the internet, online games are the rage. Everybody is playing them. Apart from recreational functions, online games can also serve educationally. The innovative graphics and the audio-visual elements that online games offer, make learning easy and fun, especially for children.  Do online math games really work for kindergarten?  … Read more

Printable Subtraction Flashcards 0-20 with Free PDF

Printable Subtraction Flashcards 0-20 with Free PDF

When you subtract 0 from any number, the result is the number itself. And, when you subtract the number from the number, the resultant value is zero. If ideas like this fascinate you but confuse you at the same time, you can get respite in our subtraction flashcards PDFs. We have designed these printable flashcards … Read more

Top 9 Creative Addition and Subtraction Manipulatives

List of top 9 manipulatives for learning addition and subtraction

Please Note : This post may contains affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Can manipulatives be used for teaching addition and subtraction? The answer is ‘yes’. The concept of addition and subtraction is not something alien to children by the time they reach grade 1. (Chapter 7, Adding it Up, Consensus Study Report, … Read more