Top 9 Calculus Themed Gifts For Math Nerds

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Remember the time you saw your older brother or sister getting sleepless nights because they had a calculus paper tomorrow and then, wondering what is calculus?

Well, it takes years to gain expertise on the discipline, but here are a few words dumbing it down for a few of you.

Calculus is a branch of mathematics that deals with continuous change and tries to deduce the rate of change through derivatives and integrals.

It was developed in the late 17th century by the likes of Newton and has boggled the minds of Geniuses ever since.

Two branches of Calculus

The two branches of calculus, that unite and intertwine to give us the study of calculus are:

Differential Calculus is the calculus that concerns itself with the rate of change and the slopes of curves.

Important concepts in physics require differential equations. Those rockets you launched in space were fueled by hours of hard labor of mathematicians solving differential equations.

Integral Calculus on the other hand concerns itself with quantities, areas, and volume.

Integral Calculus has applications in multiple areas of mathematics both in academic discipline and routine life, like the probability theory of thermodynamics.

Applications of calculus

The applications of calculus have a huge range, right from particulate physics to space applications and beyond.

They also find application in the discipline of economics as well as statistics. Think of the multitude of surveys and studies that are conducted every year, and thank calculus for it.

It also finds applications in engineering, computer science, and even in the medical field.

Many of us know and understand so little about Calculus, yet we owe a lot to it for the development and progress humanity has made so far.

 And of course, we owe to those math souls who spend their life understanding and perfecting Calculus.

Still confused? We say it is time to appreciate the math and calculus lovers around us, who stay buried in their books fighting out the world of calculus. As a gesture of support and admiration for them, a gift now and then based on their area of interest isn’t a bad idea.

 No idea where to start from?

Not to worry, we have a handpicked.. Err…Internet picked list ready for you: 

Cool calculus gifts for your math buddies

1. Calculus T-shirt

 Calculus T-shirt

If you have friends who eat and breathe Calculus, this is the gift for them. Calculus T-shirts are a fun way to express your math inclination, and a touch of humor in these shirts just adds to their value. However, true to the subject, you have to be a mathematician at heart and mind to understand the humor in these T-shirts. An insider joke printed large they are, dare we say!

2. Calculus Trainer

Calculus Trainer

An educational calculus trainer game device is an excellent gift for math students with an inclination towards Calculus. The particular Calculus trainer by Genie contains 300,000 exercises. It has 4 gaming modes and five levels of difficulties and can help a child take simple step into the world of calculus. After all, all things great start with the small first steps.

3. Calculus for Dummies

Calculus for Dummies

It is an old saying that there is no better friend than a book in hand. Calculus for Dummies by Mark Ryan is that one good friend who will introduce you to the world of calculus. It will clear all your big and small doubts, tell you little jokes now and then and make a tedious long journey enjoyable and fruitful. It breaks down complex terminologies of differentiation and integration into simple terms and helps you overcome the fear of calculus and related math. 

Thus, it is an excellent gift in form of a non-verbal math trainer who teaches both with patience and wit.

4.  Calculus magnets

 Calculus magnets

Calculus and math symbols can be interesting Fridge magnets and what greater gift there is if you have the liberty to arrange and re-arrange the symbols of your favorite calculus at your will.

Math Magnetic poetry kit is an amazing opportunity to mix your creative side with mathematical knowledge and conjure up mathematical expressions. Your refrigerator becomes your blackboard and your love for Calculus can be splashed and re-splashed on it.

This, in fact, is one gift might you might end up greedily keeping to yourself.

 5. Calculus Notebook

Calculus Notebook: 123 Pages, Blank Journal - Notebook To Write In, 5x5 Graph Paper Alternating With College Ruled Lined Paper, Ideal Math Student Gift (School Notebooks)

A Calculus notebook is an ideal and practical gift for Calculus students. It has alternating graph papers and intervening spaces to make notes on, and can act as an excellent stationary aid in those long calculus classes. Plus the vibrant colors on the notebook cover do spark creativity and positivity in any holder.

6. Calculus pen

"Symbols of Mathematics" Engraved Gift Pen w/LED Light & Stylus - Pi, Geometry, Function, & Integration Symbols - Gifts for Mathematicians Math Teachers

A Calculus themed pen is an excellent accessory to go along with the calculus notebook.

A gift like this is something that your Calculus addicted friend can carry around and write down his math-inspired ideas with, as and when they come to him.

The pen is mightier than a sword, and an extra special pen can give more power and inspiration to the words that spring out of it!

7. Calculus Badges

Summarize Mathematical Formulas Calculus Figure Round Bottle Opener Refrigerator Magnet Pins Badge Button Gift 3pcs

 A Calculus themed batch on an ordinary T-shirt can add a touch of honor to it and lift your spirits. Calculus-themed badges are good options for a gift to a friend who is facing an acute case of  ‘math blues’. It is sure to put a smile on their faces as well unearth the hidden Einstein in them. As they say, if you love it, flaunt it.

Pie cufflinks

If you are looking for a calculus-themed gift for a gentleman friend, these pie cufflinks can be an excellent choice. They look elegant and declare everlasting fidelity to math calculus.

 This gift to any calculus fan will showcase both good tastes in accessories as well as, of course, academic areas of interest. 

9. Calculus poster

Math Skills - NEW Classroom Math Poster

Have you had a student or a niece or a nephew ask you –“when am I ever going to use calculus or complex math?”

Well, here is a poster to answer the question as well as serve as a constant inspiration during those long hours of study.

A gift like this can be an excellent way to nudge a friend into the direction of calculus-related studies should you feel that they have a knack for it. Or even a creative gift for people who have their lives revolving around Calculus.

Summing up,

One Calculus lover to another, these gifts provide an opportunity to build long-lasting math friendships, which can withstand the tests of complex calculus equations and the turmoil of differentiation and integration.

While you shower your math nerd friends with Calculus themed gifts, you might also want to send a note of gratitude to your math teachers who slog day and night to enlighten your path to the glorious world of mathematics.

 And yes, a small math gift can go a long way in putting a smile on those math-worn faces.

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