Top 10 Free Math Apps For Middle School

With the advancement of technology, applications have been making life easier in many ways. Even in academics, Edtech has been on its way to transforming teaching and learning styles. Be it for contactless teaching or to ensure repetitive training and practice, mobile applications often are handy. 

For subjects like math where inferencing visually and numerically is necessary, mentors may prefer tech options. Being aware that numbers may need additional pull, we began curating lists of admirable applications in a variety of categories connected to math. 

In this post, we talk about our choices of math apps that can help your middle schooler!

Features of math apps: How to choose one?

When one may choose applications related to math, they may ensure a few attributes. This may assist in proving their time effectively as they learn and practice.

  1. Innovative learning techniques: While traditional strategies like worksheets are effective, innovative ideas may ensure a better diversity in choices for students to learn. Here, the little ones can choose to study from upcoming technologies like apps adding a sense of recreation. 
  1. Easy access: These applications we chose are incredibly simple to use and can be accessed in any smart device like a smartphone. Further all of these choices are free to use, facilitating access for everyone anytime effortlessly.  
  1. Engaging: Parents and educators must choose apps that are engaging and interactive for the students. With games, puzzles, challenging tasks, and other wide variety of features, an application is capable of becoming invigorating for the kids to be intrigued by the application – this makes learning a smooth process.
  2. Regular performance reports – Just like exams in schools, applications that monitor the performance of the child are helpful as they tend t give reports that highlight the understanding of the subject or topic. A few apps are also designed to highlight the few key areas in which a child can work to become more proficient in the topic. 

Must try Math apps for middle school

Here are some of the eminent math applications to help your child learn mathematics in a systematic and enjoyable manner.

1. MathBoard App

MathBoard App

This app creates a platform for the students to practice academic notions on screen. Designed like a school writing board, this application opens with a few options like learning, activities, speech, and a few others. By tapping on Learn, the pupil can get a chance to learn newer concepts. The activities option takes the user to a board with a sum. The student needs to solve them as a practice. Some handy features like varying questions styles, a button for hints, and the option to write with fingers may keep them engaged for longer durations. While it can assist students at varying grades, it can be a great pick for middle schoolers for regular exercises after school. 

A combination of games and drills makes this app a noteworthy tool for middle school students since teachers and parents can customize math problems to suit their students’ lessons and skill levels. With this application, one can have a little math tutor in your pocket, guiding you through addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, with the difficulty of each problem set to match the child’s knowledge base. This isn’t exactly a game, but rather a way to practise math without having to come up with your own questions.

App link: Appstore

2. Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy Math Game

This game is at the top of the list when it comes to inspiring kids to practice math abilities. It is the most engaging app among students. Prodigy is an interactive math game in which you must properly answer skill-building questions in order to progress. All while studying arithmetic, players may collect rewards, embark on adventures, and play with friends.

The game will adapt to the child’s response, gradually rising in difficulty until the game determines the child’s math level. The game will also focus on specific skills that the child’s teacher has set out. Although it’s not a full homeschool program, it’s a fantastic supplement to math learning, regardless of whether your child attends public, private, or home school.

App link: Playstore | Appstore

3. Space Pig Math Game

Pig Math Game

Space Pig Math is an action game with retro-inspired artwork and music for practicing times tables up to 12×12. The goal of the game is to laser the aliens in order to save Space Pig’s Friends, who will assist you as you continue through the game.

Correct, consecutive, and rapid responses are rewarded in this game. For the beginner, it is simple and straightforward, but it can quickly become challenging.

The game starts with a dark backdrop with blocky, pixelated characters and pictures, similar to the popular Space Invaders game. The user is deliberately and deftly brought into the story’s storyline so that they empathize with the Space Pig, and then they are persuaded that math is simple.

App link: Appstore | Playstore

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has a database of over tens of thousands of solved math lessons. It provides comprehensive coverage of most areas up to higher grades and provides the greatest training for laying a solid mathematical foundation. 

It also has Quiz and Test Preparation features. It also provides a collection of thousands of interaction questions. Khan Academy instructional videos are an excellent supplement for students learning new knowledge and a useful tool for homework aid in clarifying new instructions.

Students learn in a personalized manner as they work at their own pace, filling in holes in their knowledge before speeding up their studies.

App link: Appstore | Playstore

5. Math 8: Talk math with Leon!

Math 8: Talk math with Leon!

With the help of visual and acoustic elements, the program engages children. Lemon, a talking character in the app, entertains, leads, and teaches children at the same time. If the children are unable to solve problems, Lemon grows depressed. Lemon is ecstatic when the students do well in solving difficulties. 

Master challenges are available, as well as certification upon accomplishment. There is a dashboard for parents and teachers to track their children’s progress.

‘Math: Talk math with Leon!’ is a unique mathematical learning platform that uses vocal conversation and visual cues to take the kid through a proven approach to teaching fundamental arithmetic. Lessons, activities, and quizzes are included in the Math 8 Learning software to help your youngster connect with and understand mathematics.

App link: Appstore

6. DragonBox Elements App

DragonBox Elements App

It will appeal to students in middle school. This game incorporates genuine Euclidean proofs into a creative war game in which children must gather an army to confront an evil dragon.DragonBox Elements is a clever game with amazing visuals, great noises, and a hands-on approach to education. 

Your children, on the other hand, will just think it’s amusing. There are over 100 levels, which provide many hours of rigorous logical thinking exercise and are aligned with high school and middle school mathematical principles.  

By constructing mathematical arguments and solving geometrical problems, students will significantly improve their logical thinking abilities.

App link : Playstore | Appstore

7. Pattern Shapes

Pattern Shapes

Pattern Shapes is a tool that students may use to learn about geometry and fractions, as well as create their own patterns and fill in outlines. Students discover geometric relationships, consider angles, analyse symmetry, and compose and break down bigger structures as they work with the shapes. Many of these investigations lead to the inevitable conclusion that fractions are components of a larger whole.

Pattern Shapes makes it simple to learn about form attributes, fractions, and how to make accurate figures. Students may measure angles, adjust the proportions and color of forms, and mark solutions using the virtual protractor. It’s perfect for pupils in middle school, and the brightly coloured shapes can stimulate imaginative creation. 

App link: Appstore | Webapp

8. Geometry pad

Geometry pad

Students may use this virtual graph paper to create forms, charts, and other geometric elements. Students may alter the attributes of forms, zoom in, save their work, and make side comments. Geometry Pad is a fantastic programme that can be used with kids of all ages and in a variety of math classes.

This software aids in the comprehension of geometric principles. The software calculates angle, slope, and other characteristics as you construct objects and tweak their features, so you can see the changes. Geometry Pad+ also allows you to share your work, which is a useful tool for professors who want to send out class shapes for students to reproduce as part of an interactive project.

App link: Playstore | Appstore

9. Algebra for Beginners

Algebra for Beginners

This application can be helpful in teaching students the basics and fundamentals of Algebra. With lessons, quizzes, games and riddles to solve, this application is interactive and user-friendly to make kids a pro at Algebra. The problems cover a variety of subjects, including fraction addition, factorization, substitution, and more. The game starts out simply, with character tiles that have “night” and “day” properties that cancel each other out. 

The information highlights the importance of adding it to both sides and provides a blank area to fill in when you do so. The game is divided into multiple sections, each with a new “lesson” to learn. Algebraic characters are gradually added toward the end of each segment, signaling the start of generalization to “real” algebra.

App link: Playstore

10. Learn Math & Math problems

Learn Math & Math problems

This application helps students understand concepts like geometry, fractions, equations, and much more. By helping students learn and solve math problems, this application can help students clear their concepts, and make them masters of the topic in a short span. 

Not just for the little learners, adults also can use this application to exercise their mind muscles. With constant reports and rewards, this application unlocks new levels as soon as the child clears the previous ones. This helps and motivates them to learn more and perform better. 

Helping children with math exercises, games, puzzles, and riddles, this application helps the kids form a habit of practicing math through the various tools in the app. This educational application focuses on mental math too, and also comes with a math test that the students can take to test their understanding! 

App Link: Playstore


May it be a middle schooler or any other pupil, regular exercise of math notions may gain them relevant experience while acting as an admirable recreation. Consequently, applications may be considered a good strategy for associative classroom learning. Check out the above-mentioned options to see if any of them can be your choice. Some of these may encourage parental control, adding to the benefit of better training.

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