15 Kinesthetic Learning Activities For Kids, Teens & Adults

Kinesthetic learning activities

Hands-on activities can be handy along with classroom pedagogies to ensure sensible training. While kids and teens may get indulged for better grades and academics, adults may participate in activities to instantaneously grasp skills. But, which learning style can be befitting, especially for pragmatic learners? The behavior and attitude of the aspirant determine their learning … Read more

How Effective Are Flashcards For Adults With Learning Disabilities?

Efficiency of flashcards with LD

Teaching with Flashcards is a conventional method for working on students’ capacities to make them review data and comprehend the concepts. Not only for kids but also for adults, flashcards can function as a visual backing, as these are explicitly intended to animate learning. They help with innovation, powerful language. Moreover, they help in reinforcing … Read more

7 Fun Sequencing Games For Adults

Be it numbers or entities, enduring arrangement in sequence makes them look organised and serene. Sequencing not only confines to ascending or descending but also to any arrangement that ensures logic. While some master the art of sequencing effortlessly, some may look forward in search of engrossing and befitting sources to learn.  When the learners … Read more

10 Must Try Grammar Apps For Adults

Grammar apps for adults

The veracious use of grammar can make an adult feel empowered and confident in certain circumstances. Word-perfect grammar is your key to error-free English with certainty and fluency. Moreover, the proper syntax will not simply exhibit your English abilities; it’ll likewise show that you’re determined and have an eye for detail. For instance, it is … Read more

GED For Adults With Special Education Needs: Everything You Need To Know

GED for special education adults

The whole human population is not alike, hence, the ways to impart education cannot be the same. Of various differences, disorders form the most concerning point of differentiation. These disorders may interfere with the ability to learn at academic levels, perform tasks in daily life, and interact socially. However, the truth remains evident that even … Read more

Is Abacus Useful For Adults?

Is abacus only for kids ?

What is the first picture that comes to your head when you hear the word ‘abacus’? A group of kids (exaggeration on ‘kids’) trying to manipulate a set of beads within a frame. An abacus is a tool that aids in performing various mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc, and improves math … Read more

Top 7 Sensory Toys For Adults

Sensory toys for adults

When was the last time you acted out a charade at a party? Or built a snowman in the yard or played fetch with your dog. If it’s hard to remember the last time you really had fun and enjoyed yourself, then this article is for you. Here, we are recommending some of the best-suited … Read more

9 Fun Sorting Games For Adults

Sorting games for adults

Our entire learning starts with identifying what an Apple and a Ball are, thus implicitly how they are different. Evidently, we use sorting skills to the group and differentiate these entities. Which strategy would serve finer than games and activities to induce and amplify these skills?  Being a developmental milestone for cognitive abilities, sorting needs … Read more

6 Helpful Dyslexia Support Groups For Adults And Parents

Dyslexia support groups

Being diagnosed with Dyslexia can be a life-changing experience for many people, but it does not necessarily have to be a life-limiting one. Your family and friends mean well, but sometimes you feel fewer inhibitions only with people who share your ordeal, and this is where the concept of support groups comes in. A support … Read more

Important Government Initiatives That Adults With Dyslexia Can Take Help From

Government initiatives for dyslexia

Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterised by reading and writing disabilities and tends to affect 3 to 7% of the population globally. Although most dyslexics are diagnosed in their childhood itself, it may be possible to have a delayed diagnosis of dyslexia in one’s adulthood. Likewise, governmental intervention to a large extent is focused on … Read more