Everything You Need To Know About Numicon

Numicon, a Math Programme developed by the education publisher Oxford University Press is a resource used for introducing many concepts in arithmetics to students, particularly in their early years. It utilizes multi-sensory resources, which means it follows an approach where learning is through various ways such as visual, auditory, and tactile.  The Numicon program promotes … Read more

Role Of Minecraft In Improving Math Literacy

How minecraft helps in math literacy

Math is an important subject for students. Mastering math skills is critical as it encourages students to think creatively and develop logical reasoning, which is highly necessary for our day-to-day lives. We use math in so many ways; whether we are managing money, cooking a recipe, shopping, or analyzing time, distance, and the cost of … Read more

Percentage Vs Percentile: What’s the difference?

In math, the percentage and percentile of the term are two concepts that are often confused due to their similarity in spelling. However, these two terms denote completely different things. In order to understand the difference between percentage and percentile, it is necessary to know the meaning of each term separately.  Therefore, in this blog … Read more

6 Engaging Tactile Discrimination Activities For Little Learners

When you touch a soft fur-like fabric, and at the same time, when you feel a hard rough stone, you know which one is the softer one, and which one is the granulated stone. This is possible only through the tactile sense, which is a part of the neurological sensory system.  Simply put, the reason … Read more

7 Engaging Activities For Teaching The Correct Usage Of Articles

Articles are words used before nouns to modify them. Articles give more information about nouns in the sentence while defining whether it is in a specific context or a general context. Primarily, there are three articles in English Grammar, a, an, and the. These articles are categorized into different types as per their usage.  Teaching … Read more

7 Examples Of How LCM & HCF Are Used In Our Daily Life

At times, we’re stuck in situations that require us to break down numbers in their smallest part because that whole number can not be used as it is in that particular situation. The term “factors” come into the picture here. A factor in maths is a number that divides a number completely leaving no remainder … Read more

Importance Of Making Checklists For Students

Oftentimes students rely on making checklists for educational purposes to make sure that they are accomplishing all the tasks that need to be completed. By providing a list of tasks or goals to be accomplished, checklists can help students plan and organize their work. Checklists can also help students keep track of their progress and … Read more

10 Fun Grammar Games And Activities For Adults

We all know how education surrounds us everywhere! Whether you go to the office or simply at the grocery store, you’re bound to come across advertisements, hoardings, and everyday communication. All of this comes to you in unconventional ways yet they make you read and instantly connect with the text. Through all these languages, grammar … Read more

50 Motivational Back-to-school Quotes For Teachers To Get The Zeal Back After A Vacation

Back to school quotes for teachers

Have you ever imagined the feeling of getting back to school? While all children are enthusiastic about new bags and books, it is equally crucial to equip teachers with much-needed motivation. Vacations offer a relaxing time for individuals, In such a situation, quotes can be helpful to motivate teachers like never before! As teachers play … Read more