10 Applications Of Integration And Differentiation In Real Life

Have you ever wondered how the universe is constantly in motion and how it is monitored? Or how the motion of all the minute particles can be measured? The answer to all these curiosity questions lies in an interesting subject called Calculus. Calculus is the branch of math that studies the rate of change.  Isaac … Read more

What Is The Ramanujan Magic Square?

While math, as a subject might be strenuous and arduous, its wonders never fail to leave us flabbergasted. One such magical math square was created by Srinivasa Ramanujan, who was an Indian mathematician. This magical square is a matrix of numbers in which every row, column and diagonal add up to the same number.  Mathematician, … Read more

Understanding Geography With Dyslexia: How To Manage?

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON AUGUST 29, 2022 Learning disorders are of different types, and dyslexia is one of them. These disorders affect a person’s ability to learn, retain, and use specific skills. This influences the academic performance of students dealing with these issues. Students with dyslexia often struggle with reading, writing activities, and the use … Read more

23 Inspirational Quotes For Teachers Highlighting The Importance Of Reading

Reading is essential and, in fact, one of the most critical factors in becoming the best version of yourself. It helps you grow your brain, provides a window into the world around you, and improves your performance in all school courses. Most significantly, reading can help you become a better student as well as a … Read more

7 Fun Activities For Improving Musical Intelligence In Kids

When one listens to music, they feel joyful, upbeat, or calm. It impacts our mood and affects us emotionally. While music plays an important role, there is a reason why it is crucial for children. One of the eight intelligence named by American developmental psychologist Howard Gardner is Musical intelligence.  Children are more likely to … Read more

8 Fun Months Of The Year Books For Little Aspirants

Months of the year books

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. Do you remember the last time where this little one was confused about how February has 28 days while other months have 30 or 31? The concept of “months of the year” comes into the picture here. This knowledge helps to understand … Read more

6 Free Progress Monitoring Tools For Math

Free progress monitoring tools for math

Our children’s growth is constantly monitored at school through the constant stream of homework assignments, quizzes, tests, projects, and standardized exams. Our initial thought may be “they’re doing this already!” or “more tests?” when we first hear the term “student progress monitoring.” Do you understand how much your child is learning or developing, though? During … Read more

Difference Between Rote Counting And Rational Counting

Rote counting vs Rational counting

Kids start experiencing numbers very early and gradually understand number sense through routine talks. Even before going to kindergarten, children know the very basics of counting, like 1-2-3. These kids can even tell their age, how many fingers are on their hand, how many toes and etc. But are they able to count is the … Read more

What Is Extended School Year?

Everything to know about extended school year

Extended School Year or ESY Services are individualized special vocation-related services that are designed to provide a free appropriate public education to students with disabilities. ESY services are provided beyond the normal school year of a school district. These services include both the days and the hours of the school days.  They are designed to … Read more