20 Inspiring ‘Proud to Be a Teacher’ Quotes

20 Inspiring 'Proud to Be a Teacher' Quotes

As we all know, teachers are one of the essential building blocks in our life after our parents. It is the teachers’ job to ensure that society gets what it needs in terms of children that are well taught in the way of life and are equipped with knowledge. Teachers help make the world a … Read more

10 Fun Activities For Improving Naturalistic Intelligence In Kids

Naturalistic intelligence activities

Howard Gardner defined naturalistic intelligence as the capacity to recognize, categorize, and manipulate components of the physical world, including objects, living things, plants, and animals. Naturalistic intelligence is thought to have evolved during the times of the earliest humans, when recognizing helpful and dangerous animals, studying the climate, reading the land, and extending the range … Read more

Printable Visual Closure Worksheets [PDF Included]

Visual closure is the ability to identify a form or object from an incomplete presentation, even when the entire object is not visible. This entails visualizing and mentally “filling in” the missing visual information. Because our visual system does not have to analyze every detail to recognize what we’re seeing, we can process information in … Read more

List Of Standardized Math Assessments

Standardized assessments in any subject are essential for the personal evaluation of a student currently involved in any level of education. With the progress in educational research and development, the popularity of standardized assessments has increased manifold. This fact is especially true for mathematics. Students, their parents, and teachers emphasize standardized math assessments to ensure … Read more

Dealing With Fractions While Having Dyscalculia

Dyscalculia is a learning difficulty affecting children and adults across the globe. People with dyscalculia have persistent trouble understanding numbers and mathematical concepts, due to which they may face challenges in school, work, and daily life. A study[1] corresponding to primary school students in Germany estimates that around 3 – 7% of children and adults … Read more

Orton Gillingham vs Wilson Reading Approach: What’s the difference?

Reading is an important skill in an individual’s life. You will be surprised to know that 93 million adults in the United States are at or below the basic level required to contribute successfully to society. A part of this group are those who have learning difficulties.  People with dyslexia (a learning disability) have a … Read more

10 Real-world Examples Of Prime Factorization To Understand It Better

Real world examples of prime factorization

We use various basic principles of math quite unknowingly in our daily life. Like, we are always using addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication everywhere- from restaurants to public transport. When a child learns numbers and basic math, they take time to identify each number while solving a problem. But when they grow up, they may … Read more

Are Dyslexics Good At Engineering? Let’s Find Out!

REVIEWED BY NUMBERDYSLEXIA’S EXPERT PANEL ON SEPTEMBER 08, 2022 The biggest challenge dyslexics deal with is the difficulty in reading, spelling, and writing. These skills are of primary importance to excel in academics as the school curriculum is totally dependent on them. However, this difficulty should not stop them from excelling in life because they are blessed … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Numicon

Numicon, a Math Programme developed by the education publisher Oxford University Press is a resource used for introducing many concepts in arithmetics to students, particularly in their early years. It utilizes multi-sensory resources, which means it follows an approach where learning is through various ways such as visual, auditory, and tactile.  The Numicon program promotes … Read more

Role Of Minecraft In Improving Math Literacy

How minecraft helps in math literacy

Math is an important subject for students. Mastering math skills is critical as it encourages students to think creatively and develop logical reasoning, which is highly necessary for our day-to-day lives. We use math in so many ways; whether we are managing money, cooking a recipe, shopping, or analyzing time, distance, and the cost of … Read more