Types Of Assistive Technology For Reading Difficulties

Assistive Technology for Reading

Dyslexia interferes with the ability to recognize and form letters. It reflects poor reading and writing skills. Previously, when the term was not known all those people who could not read or write were branded academically poor. But, there were several innovators and creative geniuses like Einstein, Picasso, who showed that the inability to read … Read more

Assistive Technology For Students With Intellectual Disabilities

Assistive Technology For Intellectual Disabilities

Intellectual disabilities grapple with about 8% of the US population, according to an NCBI finding. Lack of intellectual curiosity, or of power to question or reason or take interest in exploring is a big elephant that needs addressing. Usually, people are judged on the basis of their academic performance, communication skills, etc. It cuts off … Read more

Assistive Tools & Technology for Dyscalculia

Assistive Tools devices and technology for Dyscalculia

Recently diagnosed with dyscalculia and thinking it might be the end of your academics? Worrying that your dyscalculic kid might have to struggle through simple algebra throughout his/her life? Will you be able to keep track of money spent and saved? Is your dream career even possible being a dyscalculic? Some common questions that will … Read more