8 Classroom Activities For Learning About Digraphs

Digraph activities

In English Grammar, Digraphs are a group of two successive words that are conjoined together to make a new and unique sound altogether. Digraphs are divided into groups, Vowel Digraphs, and Consonant Digraphs. Most students face challenges with sentence building, word formation, and writing the correct spelling when their concept about digraphs is not clear. … Read more

7 Fun Digraphs Games To Play Online

online diagraph games

Have you noticed that while teaching spellings to kids, they’re confused with some words having a single sound but are made of two letters? Basically, those are digraphs and it is a group of two letters representing the same sound (phoneme). There are vowel digraphs and consonant digraphs.  Consonant digraphs are made up of two … Read more