8 Fun Activities For Learning Scientific Notations

Scientific notation

Welcome to the world of scientific notation! It’s a place where numbers big and small are given a new perspective, and where we can express them in a more compact and manageable way. While teachers can use various methods like games, activities, and science manipulatives to teach various concepts, however, think of scientific notation as … Read more

50 Powerful Science Quotes For The Classroom

science quotes

For many years, students have been fascinated by the fascinating subject of science. Through observation and experimentation, science explores the wonders of the natural world and aids in our understanding of the rules and laws that underpin everything around us. The importance of science education in schools cannot be overstated, as it provides students with … Read more

Top 5 Science Manipulatives For Little Aspirants

5 manipulatives for learning science

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. The millennials born today are children of curiosity. And the social media-infested world we live in today has blurred the line between facts and fiction. Hence, you have to see it (for real), to believe it. To imbibe in your child the … Read more