14 Strategies And Activities For Building Summarizing Skills In Middle Schoolers

Summarizing strategies and activities for middle school

The word “Summarizing” means understanding the theme of a text, identifying the key points and important details, and comprehending and analyzing it before writing it down in your own words.  Teaching summarizing to middle school students is tricky because a summary has no definite answer. Every student can write a summary based on their understanding … Read more

7 Fun Summarizing Games To Play Online

Online summarizing games

Summarizing means writing the main idea of the text and other relevant information in your own words. A summary gives you a clear picture of the topic in short and simple words. Summarizing allows students to express their understanding of the topic and enables them to highlight noteworthy points. Writing a summary is not restricted … Read more

Retelling Vs Summarizing: What’s the difference?

Retelling vs Summarizing

Traversing through a concept or a story again may turn interesting when presented in a distinct way. If it is presented in an alternative format, we may call it Retelling. And, if it is condensed to depict the essence, it refers to summarizing.  While we may observe these strategies in multiple areas like teaching and … Read more