10 Problem Solving Activities for College Students

Problem solving activities

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines – Robert H. Schuller.  Rightly quoted by Schuller, every problem comes with a solution that needs exploration through creative thinking and analysis. Problems appear in different sizes and nature and any one solution does not apply to all of them. Hence, it is essential to acquire and … Read more

7 Real-life Applications Of Mathematical Induction

Examples of Mathematical induction

Mathematical induction is a widely used mathematical concept that has varied real-life applications. The history of mathematical induction can be traced back to 1909, and the father of mathematical induction is an Italian mathematician called Giovanni Vacca. Inductive and deductive reasoning are crucial for teaching though major mathematical concepts including mathematical induction is based on … Read more

8 Fun Trapezoid Games And Activities For Beginners

Trapezoid Games and Activities

After students are introduced to basic shapes like squares and rectangles, familiarizing them with the shape of a trapezoid can be arduous since its properties are not as simple as the properties of a square or rectangle. So, there comes the challenge to think and arrange innovative techniques to accommodate the learning needs of students. … Read more

45 Quotes About Problem Solving

As it is popularly known, problems are inevitable! Whether it is in school, at home, or in an organization, you are likely to come across different types and levels of problems. With every problem comes many different solutions. Arriving at solutions to problems not only helps with creative thinking but also improves decision-making skills. It … Read more

12 Must-watch Math Movies For Middle School Students

math movies for middle school

Mathematics often has a reputation for being abstract, complex, and challenging for students. However, it is a subject that involves logic, solves problems, and finds its applications in real-time. To bring math to life and inspire middle school students, incorporating math-themed movies into the curriculum can be a powerful and engaging strategy. By watching math … Read more

90 Essay Topics On Dyslexia

dyslexia essay topic

Dyslexia is a learning difficulty that impacts reading and language processing and presents unique challenges and opportunities for individuals. It is becoming the center of attention as and when the awareness is increasing. If one is exploring the same, then there are various aspects to cover including its causes, neurological basis, and effects on education, … Read more

50 Middle School Math Writing Prompts

math writing prompts

Teachers are on a continuous exploration of novel ways to connect students to math concepts. Besides conducting games and activities to equip students to conceptual math, encouraging them to think and write about it can let them reflect on their learnings and foster deeper comprehension. Not only for teachers but math writing prompts also let … Read more

15 Glows And Grows Examples For Teachers

glow and grows examples

Qualifications and skills alone do not guarantee excellence in teaching. What truly sets apart exceptional educators is their commitment to adapt to diverse learning styles and tailor their teaching methods accordingly. These teachers constantly evaluate and refine their practices to ensure they meet the needs of their students, enabling effective comprehension and learning. During the … Read more

10 Fun Time Fillers For Substitute Teachers

Time teller for substitute teachers

Picture this: you step into a classroom, ready to guide and inspire young minds. But what happens when unexpected gaps of time appear, like sneaky puzzle pieces missing from the grand picture? Fear not, for time fillers are here to save the day! Time fillers are the secret ingredients that transform moments of idle restlessness … Read more

10 Must-try Manipulatives For Special Education

Special education Manipulatives

Please Note: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure (link) for more info. In the realm of education, where diverse learning needs abound, extraordinary tools have emerged to empower students with special needs: Special Education Manipulatives. These innovative and versatile learning aids have revolutionized the way educators engage with students who require individualized instruction. Designed … Read more