7 Useful Apps for Learning Calculus Concepts

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“Why the hell anybody invented calculus? And where will I apply it?” I wish we could tell something convincingly about it right at the school level! Mostly, the subjects taught in school are preparing us for something which is going to be used in quite the distant future. Hence, convincing kids about the utility at the time of introduction is an uphill task. Anyway, there is nothing anybody can do about it. But, what we can actually do is ease the process of learning. And, it is exactly what we intend to do by telling you about the calculus apps in this post.

Use of mobile applications in learning Calculus

Mathematicians reveal that Calculus is the study of change of infinitesimal nature. The change may be arising at the minutest level of physical realms and is measured using functions, derivatives, series, and integrals. All this can become overwhelming and may leave students confused and fully controlled by math anxiety. Luckily, with technological interventions in education, apps have caught up with students who love digital ways of learning. They benefit from the mobile applications in the following ways:

  • Apps help them have all formulas in one place, and in an easily accessible manner
  • These provide easy reference material and also provide guidance on how to solve calculus problems
  • Some apps come with video interventions also; these provide visual, step-by-step procedures for better understanding
  • Learners can have an unending collection of problems, that accord them with a means to have ample practice.

Excited to know which calculus apps have gained traction among the young learners? We have elucidated the list of the 10 most scholarly calculus apps that can help young erudites aiming to crack GRE, other competitive exams or make their base strong for academic achievements.

Best calculus apps for starters and advanced learners

1. Calculus for Beginners

Calculus for Beginners

Everything you need to learn about calculus now right on your mobile phone! As a beginner, Calculus does not sound any less than an alien concept. The terms like derivatives, differentiation, integration, etc. are not going to be painful anymore, thanks to the simplified way these are explained in this application.

The app serves your needs the best when you have got a whiff of algebra and can appreciate calculus just as a step next high to it. The tutorials and explanations provided in the application stand out in clarity and conciseness and make your journey to becoming a calculus nerd a happier one.

App Link: Play store

2. FX Calculus Problem Solve‪r

FX Calculus Problem Solve‪r

FX calculus problem solver can help you get rid of all the learning hassles that come with a complicated topic like Calculus. It is studded with several features like scientific and graphic calculator support, automatic problem-solution generator, formula bank, and much more.

The app stands out uniquely in a way that it demonstrates the animated way of explaining the steps. The learners can pause, reflect, rewind, and redo the steps as many times as desired, till the solutions or procedures fit into the mind. You can employ this app for topics like matrices, inequalities, equations or systems of equations, etc. A must-have when you need full-fledged calculus learning support in your device.

App Link: App Store | Play store

3. Calculus


Calculus brings the whole semester syllabus wrapped in a mobile phone. Students can access the unit-wise details of the topics, practice them in a formative fashion, and then have a full view of the topics eventually. Designed to complement the learning needs of Calculus beginners, the app provides flashcards for a quick go-through of the definitions, formulas, solution procedures, etc.

With features like glossary and sample papers, etc., this app does what you do to start approaching any topic, that is, it makes all notes for you. As a teacher too, you can provide a complete guide or a concept refresher tool to students and drive them to study the topic deeper, and more comprehensively.

App Link: Play store

4. Calculus Tools

Calculus Tools

Creatively designed calculus app that serves beginners just right and how! It is designed to make your initial learning days easier and enjoyable.

Derivatives? yes! Integrals? yes! Arc lengths? Perfectly explained! When you want to take one step ahead of forms and figures and dwell on the intricacies of calculus, this tool offers you unconditional support. This app offers you a cross-reference check for verifying the answers of the Taylor series. So, if you want to affirm your solutions’ correctness by referring to answer look-up, you can wield this tool for a quick check.

App Link: Play store

5. Formulus Free

Formulus Free

Classic Maths is unimaginable without formulas. Whether it is algebra examples and formulas, trigonometry basics, or calculus, you have to have a repertoire of all requisite information ready with you. One such easy storage support is available in the form of the app Formulus. It saves time searching for the formulas in books. Further, it helps you have a complete list of formulas sorted in a topic-wise manner.

The best part about Formulus is its simple navigation. The moment you feel stuck somewhere, all you need is to select the topic and go through the formula list. It is sure to reduce your problem-solving time. So, binge on your Calculus formulas list anytime, anywhere using this app, and have your travel and screen time utilized in mastering formulas.

App Link: App Store

6. Calculus – 3000 Solved Problems in Calculus

Calculus - 3000 Solved Problems in Calculus

Do you want to give yourself a formative assessment of the Calculus topics? And feel that books don’t have sufficient problems to provide practice? If yes, this is the app for you. You may choose to solve problems day in and day out; still, this app’s problems list will refuse to dry up.

With 3000 plus problems belonging to various topics based on Schaum’s problems bank book series, you can have ample practice on all calculus topics typical of a high school or college class. It saves study time as the app directly traverses you through the problems based on topics you have read in the class. Thus, you can solve more questions per study session, and have loads of those to attain competence in Calculus.

App Link: Play store

7. Calculus Notes

Calculus Notes

Students of calculus have got no escape from rules and formulas, but they can speed up the collaboration and collection part by ditching manual notes making with this app on their device. The app is a complete storehouse of all the working rules and formula that you will need to make the whole process of calculus learning an easy cakewalk.

This study-supporting app is designed to acquaint and give ample practice to students who require a breezy, handy reference for calculus topics. High points of this app are topics like partial differentiation, Maclaurin’s and Taylor Series, improper and multiple integrals, and other interesting ones. The app also covers Advanced Engineering topics like Laplace, Fourier, Power Series, etc.

App Link: Play store

Summing up,

Befriend calculus, not fear it! The innovative approach of educators and the technological interventions has made every math topic exceptionally interesting to learn and master. When you want a compact solution, always within your reach and fully stuffed with all the things you need to be a math nerd, you can compare and contrast the best calculus apps listed above. These can be your reliable go-to to master calculus and other advanced math topics.

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