9 Online Phonics Games For Little Learners

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Communication is the key to translating your ideas into a string of words that flows from your mind to others. Do you know the main ingredient behind persuasion and influence? It is the art of communication. Therefore a significant chunk of our lives has been spent in “reading and writing” in our schools to develop a strong foundation. Your kid needs to have a strong understanding of the spoken language before they can correlate it with the written language.

Phonics helps kids to associate the sounds with the appropriate spellings. It bridges the gap between listening, reading, and writing. With the onset of digitalization, these lessons can be converted into a set of interesting phonic games. This has helped several kids around the world to learn at their own pace and track their performance. Let us explore some of the best phonic games that you can have your hands on.

Top 9 online phonics games worth trying

1. Find The Phonic Sound

Find The Phonic Sound Game

‘Find the Phonic Sound’ is perfect to begin with the list. You might be wondering why so. Well, the reason is it helps in understanding the sound recognition of the smallest writing unit called graphemes. The game consists of different levels, which get more challenging as your kid progresses. It starts by asking, “Can you find the “ch” sound?” where a jumbled list of graphemes is given, and you have to choose the one that is asked.

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2.  ABC Spelling

ABC Spelling Game

Once your kid gets familiar with the “sound” of the language and written word formations, it becomes easier for him to recall hearing the same sound again. It will help your kid understand word comprehension while enriching his/ her spelling dictionary.

The game starts with a picture (for instance, a cat). A set of jumbled letters are given beneath the image. Your kid needs to select the letters that form the correct spelling of the word matching the picture.

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3. Deep Sea Phonics

Deep Sea Phonics Game

It’s an enhanced gamified version of Spell and Phonics. In this game, the main character Molly asks for your kid’s help in spelling out the sounds for the words mentioned. Your kid has to listen carefully to the story and then choose the correct phonetic sound mentioned in the set of options. If the answer is correct, Molly gets the object from the treasure box.

With this, kids can regularly practice spelling and learn new words while playing a mere game. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Deep Sea Phonics is a reliable literacy game for kids who experience difficulty with spelling. 

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4. Pirate Phonics Games

Pirate Phonics Games

This game helps to boost your phonic knowledge and vocabulary. First, you need to choose the sounds from the list based on which words will be presented later in the game. As the game begins, the pirate throws a coin revealing a story.

If the name is real and meaningful, then you have to press the tick button or else across. For each correct answer, you gather the coins that fill up your treasure box of vocabulary. It is an entertaining loving game for kids in learning phonics.

Game Link: Playstore

5. Interactive Phonics Bingo

Interactive Phonics Bingo Game

As the name goes, this game is interactive and requires a group of kids to play it. You would also need letter-printed bingo cards, which can be downloaded in PDF format from the site.

There are different sets of letters and sounds from which you have to select the one you wish to learn. Once the group is assigned, the list of 30 words appears one by one. The winner is the one who crosses as many representations as possible concerning other kids in the group.

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6. Phonics Hangman

Phonics Hangman Game

In Phonics Hangman, you are shown a picture beneath which a few letters are missing, which you need to fill from the jumbled list. It helps in understanding the graphemes. If you correctly answer the missing sound, then phonetics will revise how the word sounds and looks.  

It gives a platform for kids to practice grapheme recognition. The game allows kids to choose what sound they are willing to practice. This game is a good option for parents who believe in fun learning for their toddlers.  

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7.  Blending Sounds Spelling

Blending Sounds Spelling Game

The game starts with a kid traveling in a van and stopping every time the bridge is broken. To build a bridge, you need to adjust the letter blocks according to the word dictated.

If you follow the instructions correctly, you win the round, you have to build many bridges successfully and travel as far as possible. This game is an excellent starter activity for a kid to begin his or her journey of developing strong communication skills.

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8. Make A Phonics Word

Make A  Phonics Word Game

Another version of dictation in a more gamified way; this game helps your kid understand the segmentation and blending of comments concerning letters and sounds. A word is given, and your kid has to match the sound correctly to win the game.  

This game gets progressively harder after every stage in order to teach a range of skills to your kid. It encourages the toddler to practice letters and sounds regularly and helps in learning word comprehension, pseudowords, and image and letter recognition.

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9. Long and Short Vowel Sort

Long and  Short Vowel Sort Game

Once your kid has developed a basic vocabulary, then this is a suitable option to put the skill to the test. In this game, two buckets are given along with pictures of objects or animals whose spelling consists of vowels.

The player needs to sort the image into a short vowel bucket and a long vowel bucket. For instance, a quick vowel bucket can have a cat, bag, gum, etc., whereas a long vowel bucket can have pictures of the cycle, an umbrella, etc. To sort it successfully, you need a good understanding of what the image is called and how many vowels it consists of.

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To make your kid an avid reader, it is essential first to develop their phonemic awareness. It takes a lot of sequential practice starting with the necessary level and moving towards advance. With such a fantastic series of games produced story-wise for our little learners, why keep waiting? Just choose the right match on the web and get set.

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