8 Interesting Reading Games For Adults

Are you a book enthusiast looking to switch up your reading routine and add some excitement to your literary adventures? Look no further, because we’ve got some reading games that will do just that! Reading games are not just for kids or to improve reading fluency – they can be a fun and engaging way for adults to challenge their vocabulary, improve their comprehension, and explore new literary worlds in a unique way.

So if you’re feeling bored with your reading routine or just looking for a new way to engage with your favorite books, try out some of these fun and quirky reading games and take your love of literature to the next level!

 Fun and challenging reading games for book lovers

Reading is not only an enjoyable pastime but also an important activity for maintaining cognitive function. To spice up your reading routine, try these 8 engaging and creative games that will challenge your comprehension, creativity, and memory. Whether you’re looking for solo activities or games to play with friends, these reading games for adults are sure to entertain and inspire your love of books.

1. Literary Pictionary

Literary Pictionary

Literary Pictionary is a fun game that challenges players to guess the book from a drawing of a scene or character. To play, each player takes a turn drawing a picture related to a specific book. The picture should be of a memorable scene or character from the book or a distinct visual element that is closely associated with the book.

The other players then have to guess the book from the drawing within a set time limit. The player who correctly guesses the book earns a point, and the game continues with the next player taking a turn to draw a scene or character from a different book. The player with the most points at the end of the game is declared the winner. This is a great activity for book clubs, classrooms, or for a fun family game night, and can also serve as improving reading comprehension activities.

2. Storytelling Telephone

 Storytelling Telephone

Get ready for some hilariously creative storytelling with the classic game of Storytelling Telephone! Gather a group of friends or family members and choose a book to start with. The first person reads a few pages and then passes the book to the next person, who continues the story based on what they’ve just read.

 Each person adds their own twists and turns to the plot, and before you know it, the story has taken on a life of its own. Keep passing the book around until everyone has had a turn, and then sit back and listen to the hilarious and unexpected ways the story has evolved. It’s a fun and engaging way to exercise your imagination and storytelling skills, all while enjoying a good book with friends and improving your reading skills the same time putting to work cloze reading, and enjoying its benefits

3. Character Charades

 Character Charades

In Character Charades, you get to channel your inner actor and bring beloved book characters to life. To start, write down the names of popular characters on slips of paper and place them in a bowl. One person selects a slip of paper and then has to act out the character without speaking. 

The other players have to guess who the character is within a set time limit. To make it more challenging, you can add in specific scenes or quotes from the book for the actor to act out. Rotate turns so everyone gets a chance to act out a character, and keep the game going for as long as you like. Get ready to laugh and have fun as you channel your favorite book characters in this exciting game of Character Charades!

4. Speed Reading Challenge

Speed Reading Challenge

The Speed Reading Challenge is a thrilling activity for bookworms who want to push their reading skills to the limit. Start by choosing a book that you are eager to read and set a timer for a designated amount of time. It could be 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or any length of time you prefer. 

Once the timer starts, read as many pages as you can without sacrificing comprehension. Challenge yourself to read faster than your usual pace, or compete with a friend to see who can read more pages in the given time. At the end of the challenge, compare your results and celebrate your progress. This activity not only helps you read faster but also helps you to focus and retain more information.

5. Book Club Bingo

Book Club Bingo

Book Club Bingo is a fun and interactive way to spice up your reading routine. First, create a bingo board with different book genres or themes such as romance, mystery, or biographies in each square. Next, challenge yourself or your friends to read books that fit into each category. 

Once you finish a book, mark off the corresponding square on your board. The goal is to fill an entire line or the entire board as quickly as possible. To make it more exciting, you can even offer a prize for the first person to complete their bingo board. Book Club Bingo is a great way to motivate yourself to read a diverse range of books and have fun while doing it!

6. Book-in-a-Box Activity

This activity is perfect for those who enjoy a little bit of crafting and creativity alongside their reading. The idea is to create a small box that represents the book you have read, including elements from the story or the characters. 

Here’s how to do the activity.  Choose a book that you have read or are currently reading.

Gather materials such as a small cardboard box, colored paper, markers, glue, scissors, and any other craft supplies you might need. Create a design plan for your book-in-a-box. Think about the characters, setting, and key themes from the book and how you can represent them in the box. 

Start by covering the box with colored paper or painting it to match the design plan. Cut out pictures or images from magazines or print them off the internet to glue onto the box. You can also draw or paint your own images. Assemble the box, making sure to include any small objects that represent key elements from the book. Once your box is complete, share it with your friends or book club members. Have everyone share their boxes and explain the elements they included and why. This activity is not only a fun way to engage with a book, but also a creative way to express your own interpretation of the story, hence, a great retelling activity. 

7. The Last Word

The Last Word

The Last Word is a creative and engaging game for book lovers. Start by choosing a book and take turns coming up with a sentence that could be the last line of the story. The sentence should be open-ended and create a sense of intrigue, suspense, or resolution. 

The next person continues the story by adding a sentence that builds upon the last one. Keep going until someone creates an ending that feels like a satisfying or surprising conclusion to the story. This game is a fun way to explore different possibilities for the ending of a book and to exercise your creativity and imagination. Whether you’re playing with friends or family, it’s sure to spark lively conversation and inspire new ideas.

8. Book Title Mashup

 Book Title Mashup

Book lovers, get ready to put your creativity and wit to the test with the hilarious and mind-bending game of Book Title Mashup! In this game, players take turns combining two book titles to create a brand-new, wacky title that will have everyone in stitches. For example, how about “Fifty Shades of Green Eggs and Ham,” or “The Cat in the Rye?!”

To play, gather a group of book-loving friends or family members and provide each player with a pen and paper. Then, take turns giving two book titles that each player must combine to form a new title. Players can be as silly and imaginative as they like – the more ridiculous the better!

Once everyone has created their book mashup, take turns guessing which two books were combined to create the new title. The player with the most correct guesses at the end of the game wins the title of Book Title Mashup Champion!

Get ready for a hilarious and unforgettable evening of literary fun with Book Title Mashup. It’s the perfect game for book lovers who love to laugh and get creative!


As many reading quotes state that not just reading but reading games can also be a fun and engaging way to bring a group of people together and encourage a love for literature. Whether it’s a literary version of Pictionary, a round of book club bingo, or a fast-paced speed reading challenge, there are a variety of games that can be enjoyed by adults of all ages and reading levels.

These games not only foster creativity and critical thinking but can also spark meaningful conversations and deepen our appreciation for the written word. So next time you gather with friends or family, consider incorporating one of these reading games into your activity and see how it enhances your shared experience. Happy reading

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