Subitizing Activities For Kindergarten: Teaching the art of approximation and pattern recognition

Subitizing Activities For Kindergarten

Subitizing is the art of recognizing numbers by a glance, without undergoing the actual process of counting. Derived from a Latin word subitus, which roughly translates into ‘sudden’, Subitizing is a learning strategy that calls for a fair approximation of the numbers, without having an exact estimate of the same. Importance of Subitising Subitising is … Read more

Important Strategies For Improving Reading Retention Skills

Important Strategies For Improving Reading Retention Skills

“Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting.” This statement by a visionary from the past shows the importance of mindful reading. If your heart is in it, and it provokes your thoughts, you are bound to go back time and again to what you read. However, when the textual content is a bit technical … Read more

4 Interesting Stories For Teaching Math To Little Learners

4 Interesting Stories For Teaching Math To Little Learners

Tales and fantasy stories are an excellent medium to inspire and augment imagination in children, as well as imbibe them with the virtues of courage, determination and love for fellow beings. This is especially true for students who are in kindergarten and middle schools,for their minds are still innocent and receptive to new ideas. Often, … Read more

4 Classroom Activities For Teaching Quadratic Equations

4 Classroom Activities For Teaching Quadratic Equations

Quadratic equations in algebra are a concept revolving around solving the problem where an unknown variable is multiplied by itself or so to say, the variable is squared by itself. Quadratic is, thus, a derivative of the Latin word for square and hence gives rise to the name, quadratic equations. Its uses in the real … Read more

October is National Dyslexia Awareness Month: Activities To Celebrate This Month in 2021

OCtober dyslexia awareness month 2021

Dyslexia is now an established reality. But, it did not happen overnight. For years, people passed off reading and writing difficulty as stupor or negative attitude of children. The struggle of years has paid off and educators and lawmakers have now come together to spread awareness about dyslexia far and wide. With the best intentions … Read more

How To Teach Number Names In Kindergarten?

Teach Number Names To Kindergarteners?

Preschoolers’ academic life is not so easy as it seems. Coming to terms with so many new things and retaining all those in mind is a tad difficult. Teachers and parents need to combat the challenge of making things easier for growing kids. It is the most common observation that the kids tend to drift … Read more

7 Fun Social Skills Activities For Middle School

Social Skills Activities For Middle School

UNICEF in its 2012 report has called ‘social skills’ a life skill, that is, skills that help individuals to display an adaptive attitude towards the demands and challenges that life often throws at all of us. Social skills like cooperation, assertion, self-control, empathy, and responsibility are observable indicators of social competence, that help individuals live … Read more

7 Activities To Improve Mathematical-Logical Intelligence

Mathematical-Logical Intelligence

Mathematics is not only about doing numeric operations. In fact, numeric operations are just a part of the subject. There is a lot more to the idea of calculating values. For example, when you have learned numbers, the next step is to develop a logic from the process. This means, when we say, 3+2=5, a … Read more

8 Fun Activities To Boost Fine Motor Skills of Kindergarteners

Fine Motor Skills of Kindergarteners

Motor skill is an important component of the physical and behavioral development of an infant and comprises his or her postural, locomotive, and manual functions. Studies show a positive correlation[1] between good motor skills and higher levels of physical activity. Sometimes children may experience delays in their motor skills development due to the underdevelopment of … Read more

6 Activities To Master Adjectives For Little Learners

6 Activities To Learn Adjectives

Adjectives are an integral part of the English language. They are words that add quality to the sentence. The use of adjectives adds emotions to conversations and makes them easier to visualize interpret. For example, the nursery rhyme, ‘Chubby cheeks, dimple chin, rosy lips…” describes the body parts using appropriate adjectives. Now imagine if the … Read more