Entrepreneurship For Kids: Benefits, Strategies And Activities

enterprenuership for kids

Are you tired of your kids spending all their time on their phones, tablets, and other electronic devices? Do you want to inspire them to use their creativity and problem-solving skills in the real world? Look no further than these entrepreneurship activities for kids! That’s right, folks, it’s time to turn your little ones into … Read more

11 Famous CEOs And Entrepreneurs With Dyslexia

famous entreprenuers and ceos with dyslexia

Suffering from Dyslexia does not mean that you will be dependent on others throughout life. Even with dyslexia, individuals can be scientists, writers, musicians, etc. There is a sizeable chunk of successful people who defied all odds and set an example for others. We have done a post on scientists who were dyslexics. In this … Read more

8 Business Ideas For Aspirants With Dyslexia

business idea for dyslexics

Individuals with dyslexia are significantly more competent than traditional insights. Astoundingly, they are game-changers in many industries. They offer solutions to baffling issues. A study by the American Management Association reveals that almost 35% of entrepreneurs in the U.S. are dyslexic. Many abiding big names like Nick Jones, and Ingvar Kamprad are grounded in remarkable … Read more