Printable DAP Checklist [PDF Included]

DAP Checklist

As much as using Developmentally Appropriate Practice helps kids by creating an effective learning environment, it can often be overwhelming for the teachers to keep up with the progress of the kids, and make sure that the techniques being used are actually turning out to be efficacious for the young learners. In order to make … Read more

10 Engaging DAP Classroom Activities

DAP classroom activities

Developmentally Appropriate Practice or DAP is thought to be one of the effective ways to meet kids where they are and provide them with the tools they need to succeed. It is an essential and important tool that has the potential to shape and enhance the overall development of early learners. It is a way … Read more

10 Effective DAP Teaching Strategies

effective dap teaching strategies

Developmentally appropriate practice is a philosophy in early childhood education that encourages a teacher or caregiver to support a child’s physical, mental, and emotional growth. Understanding what is appropriate as per the cognitive abilities of students is also something that is extremely important that educators need to look out for, and DAP promotes that effectively. … Read more